Matt Fuller

Wanting to work on your personal fitness? Matt Fuller is here to help! Matt Fuller is a former professional rugby league player whose career spanned over 100 NRL first grade games from 1989 – 2000. Since his retirement from rugby league, Matt has owned and operated Fuller Fitness, a boutique training studio based in Subiaco, WA, and has become one of Perth’s leading health and fitness experts. Having mentored over 15,000 personal training sessions, Matt also remains heavily involved in high profile sporting positions that have included:

  • Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Australian Paralympics Wheelchair Rugby League team
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach for the WA Reds Rugby League Club
  • Strength Coach for Peel Thunder WAFL club
  • Training and mentoring of some of Perth’s elite jockeys, gymnasts, models and personalities.

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To Yoga or Not?

Are you a fan of Bikram yoga? According to Matt, "Bikram Yoga provides a challenging environment that increases your strength and cardiovascular endurance, giving you greater stamina and flexibility. However it may not be suitable for everyone". In this post Matt discusses the many benefits associated with this form of exercise and the possible health risks to be aware of. 

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Find Your Own Motivation

Perth – are you preparing for the SIDS & KIDS WA Beach Run? If you’ve been following our blog posts recently, you’ll know that our new personal fitness expert Matt Fuller has been coaching our readers on how to prepare for a physically challenging event. The team here at HIF have also been busy turning Matt’s advice into action, which is why he has kindly complied another short training plan to complement his previous post. In this article Matt explains how to introduce speed, agility and shuttle runs into your training preparations, and also offers guidance on whether or not to run barefoot in the sand!

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SIDS and Kids WA Sunshine Beach Run Training Preparation

Have you tried beach running? If you’ve answered yes, you’ll know it can be quite a challenge, both physically AND mentally! In fact, our new fitness blogger Matt Fuller says, “This type of running is a far greater challenge than running on a hard surface because of the uneven ground and the fact that there is less traction due to the moving sand particles. On the plus side however, it will provide you with a greater cardiovascular workout (therefore burning more calories) which will help to build greater strength and muscle tone.”
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Over-Indulging At Christmas

We all know that Christmas is a great time of the year to enjoy the company of family and friends. Regrettably though, it's also a time of year that many of us begin to slack off and let all the hard work we've put into our health and fitness over the year become undone. Luckily we've got Matt on board to offer his advice on how to stay healthy and active over the festive season. 

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