Tammy George

Tammy is a keen writer and researcher of everything health-related. She always has her eye on the news for the next breakthrough in the medical world. With two young boys, she has a particular interest in children’s health.

Tammy lives in Perth and loves nothing more than exploring Western Australia on family holidays. Tammy has a long association with HIF, well before our Healthy Lifestyle Blog. At one-point Tammy was also a contributor for our quarterly member newsletter, SmartHealth. 

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    The Cost of an Ambulance Ride

    Just like an insurance policy on your house, we know we need ambulance cover but hope we never collect on it. Unfortunately accidents and other medical emergencies happen and an ambulance needs to be called to transfer patients to hospital quickly while providing care. Patients being transferred between hospitals and medical appointments may also require an ambulance. The ambulance is often the first of many medical bills. But exactly what does it cost to take a trip in an ambulance?

    Category: Emergency Care
    Reducing Sugar in your Child's Diet

    Celebrity chefs and weight loss experts have been encouraging us to eat less sugar for some years. Sugar is partly to blame for more than 60% of Australian adults who are considered to be overweight or obese. PhD researcher Masoor Shariff compared sugar consumption to drug abuse and found some similarities in changes to the layout of our brain cells. With the evidence mounting against sugar, what can you do to wean your child off their high sugar diet?

    Category: Nutrition
    Caring for your Eyes this Summer

    We all know the importance of protecting our skin from the sun during the summer months, but many people neglect to show their eyes the same level of care. A day of fun in the sun can result in short and long-term damage to your eyes. It is possible for your corneas to be sunburned. Follow these steps to ensure your eyes aren’t at risk of premature ageing and burning this summer. 

    Category: Optical Health
    Preventing Nausea During Pregnancy

    Morning sickness is one of the early signs of pregnancies. Tell-tale nausea usually starts at week four and for most women finishes by the 14th week however nausea and vomiting can continue throughout the pregnancy for some. While symptoms are often worse in the morning, some women can feel unwell at any time of the day and suffer from morning sickness all day. 

    Category: Maternity Care
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