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Corporate health solutions with the personal touch.

We love our corporate clients, employers and employees alike. You can tell from our corporate health solutions, which are arguably among the best in Australia. They offer our usual highly competitive cover, but you’ll also enjoy more healthcare choices,  made all the sweeter thanks to exclusive corporate discounts, generous incentives, access to HIF's Second Opinion service and  a dedicated support team.

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Staff Benefits

Our affordable premiums and impressive rebates are already among the best in Australia. And with a generous corporate health insurance discount on our Hospital and Extras cover options,  you could be enjoying even better value for money, as well as greater healthcare choices. What’s more, our corporate health plans are good for your employer too.  Read on to find out more.

HIF Second Opinion

You don't get a second chance with your health. But you CAN get a second opinion. HIF Second Opinion is a free service for HIF corporate health members with Gold or GoldStar Hospital cover.

How to Claim

Making a health insurance claim at HIF is as easy as falling off a log (only far less painful). In fact, the toughest bit is choosing from our host of convenient ways to make your claim – via our SmartClaim mobile app, by email, by fax or instantly with eClaiming for Extras services. In any case, it’s quick and easy. You’ll have your rebate in no time (and we offer some of the most competitive benefits in Australia).