HIF membership FAQs

Got a question about your membership? Read on.

At HIF, we’re here to make health cover as easy (and affordable) as possible for our members. If you need assistance or advice about your membership, we’re here for you. Just get in touch. But before you pick up the phone, it might be worth checking out our FAQs below – you’ll find answers to all of our most commonly asked membership questions right here.

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How and where can I claim?

We aim to make claiming as quick, easy and painless as possible. HIF members can claim on the spot at the point of service (using a HICAPS terminal), via smartphone (using our SmartClaim mobile app), or by email, fax or post. Visit our How to Claim page for full details on our various claiming options.

How do I change my contact information?

The easiest way to update your contact details is to log in to the Members Centre. Alternatively, contact us by phone or email.

Can I suspend my membership?

You may suspend your membership if you are travelling overseas for more than two months and less than two years, although we require that you have held at least three months continuous membership. To apply to suspend your membership due to overseas travel, please complete a Suspension Form and return it to us before you depart. Your membership will need to be paid up to your departure date. To reactivate your membership, please complete a Reinstate After Suspension Form (we’ll need a copy of your boarding pass or passport stamp for verification).

You can also suspend your membership for financial reasons (for example - if you have a valid Health Care Card). Please visit our Financial Hardship Suspension page to lodge a request. For more information about this, or if you hold overseas visitors cover, please contact us

How do I cancel my membership?

We hope you don’t, but if you decide to terminate (or transfer) your HIF policy, that's no problem,it's entirely your choice. To request a policy cancellation, please call us on 1300 13 40 60.

How do I change my personal information?

If you need to change your name on your membership, simply advise us in writing and include a copy of your supporting documentation (marriage certificate, deed poll documents, etc).

To amend incorrect information relating to your membership (incorrect spelling, date of birth, title, etc) please contact us.

How do I pay my contributions?

There are a number of ways you can pay your contributions. And remember, if you'd like to save some money on your premium, just pay in advance (you can benefit from a 4% discount for yearly payments or a 2% discount for half-yearly payments).

  • Direct debit: This is our most flexible and convenient payment method. Your contributions are automatically deducted from your nominated bank account or credit card at an interval that suits you. You can choose to pay fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly. If you would like to switch to paying your contributions by direct debit, download a Direct Debit Form or call our friendly membership consultants on 1300 13 40 60. For credit card payments, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club and American Express.
  • Manual invoice: If you'd prefer to pay your HIF contributions manually, we can send you an invoice when your contribution is due. You can choose to pay, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly, and you can pay your invoice in a variety of ways (see below).

    • Online: Our Billpay code is 0639 and our BPAY code is 2543 – you’ll find your customer reference number noted within the BPAY section of your invoice. Alternatively, log in to our Members Centre  and your reference number will be listed there.  
    • In person: Bring your membership renewal to our head office and we’ll be happy to assist. Alternatively, you can pay your invoice at any Australia Post  branch. 
    • By phone: Simply call POSTbillpay on 13 18 16. 
    • By mail: Just detach the payment slip at the bottom of your membership renewal and send it to HIF, GPO Box X2221, Perth, WA 6847 (enclosing a cheque, money order or your credit card information.
  • Payroll Deduction: We have payroll agreements with many organisations (check out our Corporate health solutions ) so please contact us on 1300 13 40 60 to arrange your payments, or download the Payroll Deduction Form. If you would like to cancel your payroll deduction, please use the same form.
How do I change my level of cover?

If you feel you have all the information needed to change your level of cover, complete a Variation Form and return it to us. Please keep in mind that waiting periods may apply. If you have any queries about changing your cover, please contact us.

How long can my dependants remain on my membership?

When you hear us refer to a "dependant", we mean a person who is dependant upon the primary member. This includes children, stepchildren, legally adopted children, or children to whom the primary member is the legal guardian. 

Dependants can stay on your family membership until their 21st birthday or, for full-time students at a recognised educational institution, until their 25th birthday. Dependants are not means-tested and do not have to live at home; however, dependants cannot be married or in a de-facto relationship and remain on the family membership. 

To register a dependant as a student, please complete a Student Declaration Form and return it to hello@hif.com.au. Dependants without a student declaration will be automatically removed from a family membership on their 21st birthday.

How do I change my bank account details?

The easiest way to change your bank account details is to call us on 1300 13 40 60. Alternatively, with the exception of credit card expiry dates, all account changes can be made using the Direct Debit Form

How do I order a new membership card?

To order a new membership card for yourself or your partner, please contact us. Your new card will take two-three weeks to arrive.

How do I add or remove a person from my membership?

Only the primary member can add/remove someone to/from their membership. To add or remove someone from your membership, complete a Variation Form and return it to us.

As a secondary member you’re able to remove yourself from someone else’s membership. Again, simply complete a Variation Form and return it to us.