Extras Cover Waiting Periods.

Nobody likes to be kept waiting. Unfortunately though, waiting periods are vital for all health insurance funds.
They protect us (and you) against people who join our health fund only to make large claims and leave.

No unnecessary waiting periods.

We always try to keep waiting periods to an absolute minimum. And to prove the point, if you’re joining us from another health fund, we’ll take your previous membership into account. That means you don’t have to re-serve waiting periods on an equivalent level of cover. 

Switching to HIF? Allow us to take care of the paperwork too.

If you are switching from another fund, we’ll take care of all your paperwork. We’ll even request a clearance certificate from your previous fund (as proof of the waiting periods you’ve already served). Simply give us your authorisation by completing a Switching Funds Form and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our Extras cover waiting periods:

  Vital Saver Special Super Premium Waiting Perdiod
2 months
Auxiliary Home Nursing 2 months
Asthmatic Spacers 2 months
Chiropractic 2 months
Complementary Therapies, including:
    - Acupuncture
    - Homeopathy
    - Myotherapy
    - Naturopathy
    - Remedial massage
    - Traditional Chinese Medicine
2 months
Dental - General Unlimited 2 months
Diabetes Education 2 months
Dietetics 2 months
Healthy Lifestyle, including:
    - Exercise physiology
    - Health assessments
    - Health management programs    
    - Pilates*
    - Quit smoking plans
    - Skin cancer screenings
    - Weight loss programs
2 months
Occupational Therapy 2 months
Optical 2 months
Orthoptics (Eye Therapy) 2 months
Osteopathy 2 months
Peak-flow Meter 2 months
Pharmacy Drugs 2 months
Physiotherapy 2 months
Podiatry Consultations 2 months
Speech Therapy 2 months
Dental - General Limited* ^ Up to 12 months
Blood Glucose/Pressure Monitor 12 months
Dental - Major 12 months
Nebuliser/Humidifier 12 months
Orthotic Appliances 12 months
Psychological Consultations 12 months
Assisted Reproduction Drugs 36 months
Hearing Aids 36 months
CPAP Machine 36 months


^ Benefits are only payable on Periodontic & Endodontic items, 213 – 282, 411 - 458. 
* Benefits are payable on Yoga and Pilates under our Healthy Lifestyle program when delivered as a part of a health program by a HIF recognised gym.  
  • To view the full Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), please visit the forms and brochures page
  • For items or services not listed in the above table, please contact us for details on coverage
  • Please contact HIF before commencing treatment with full details of the necessary dental service as provided by the dentist and we will provide you with an estimate of your refund.