You don't get a second chance with your health, but you CAN 
get a second opinion!

HIF Second Opinion is a free service for HIF members with GoldStar Hospital and/or Premium Options Extras cover.  It gives you access to the Best Doctors' network of the world's leading medical specialists, enabling you to get a free second opinion on any diagnosis, condition or treatment. Plus, eligible HIF members get free access to the Best Doctors' online medical advice portal, giving you the opportunity to submit questions to a panel of experienced Australian GPs, access expert insights and use their online symptom checker.

What is HIF Second Opinion?

At HIF, we're here to make it as easy as possible to get the medical treatment and advice you need, when you need it. But medical conditions and treatments are complex things, and sometimes you need a little extra support - which is where HIF Second Opinion comes in. HIF Second Opinion is a complementary service for HIF members who have GoldStar Hospital and/or Premium Options Extras Cover. It gives you and your family instant access to the global Best Doctors' network, which has changed and saved thousands of lives around the world. From providing peace of mind, through radically improving treatment, outcomes and even saving lives, this unique service gives you remote access to some of the medical profession’s leading minds – 50,000 medical experts spanning 40 specialties and 430 subspecialties. You can use HIF Second Opinion to tap into specialist medical advice on any medical or health concern - from allergies and minor injuries to life threatening conditions such as cancer - whether you want a complete case review, or just some information, answers or peace of mind.

Why is HIF Second Opinion important?

Medical professionals are incredibly well trained. However, doctors and specialists are only human. Mistakes happen. New treatments are constantly being developed. New drugs are continually coming to the market. That’s why, if you have the opportunity, seeking a second opinion makes sense. More often than not, a second opinion from Best Doctors confirms the original diagnosis, providing peace of mind that your treatment plan is correct. Sometimes, Best Doctors’ experts are able to suggest a more effective treatment plan. And crucially, there have been occasions when the global Best Doctors network has saved people’s lives by identifying a misdiagnosis (check out some of the case files to the right). 

How can you access HIF Second Opinion?

As a GoldStar Hospital or Premium Options policyholder, you and your family can access the Best Doctors network as many times as you like, free. Simply call the dedicated HIF Second Opinion hotline to Best Doctors on 1800 117 092. When you call, the Best Doctors team will take your details and arrange for the most qualified expert in their global network to review your case. The expert will then send you a report 15-20 days after Best Doctors has received all of your medical records*, detailing their view on your diagnosis and treatment plan, as well as answering any questions you have about your condition. 

What conditions are covered by HIF Second Opinion?

The Best Doctors service enables you to get a second opinion on a host of issues, ranging from life-threatening conditions of the vital organs, including cancer, through to less serious but disruptive conditions, such as allergies and orthopaedic conditions, such as back injuries.

What else can I do with HIF Second Opinion?

Eligible HIF members now have access to heaps of extra benefits through the Best Doctors' online medical portal.

  • Ask an experienced GP: If you've got a medical question, hop online and ask our panel of experienced Australian GPs for an answer or explanation (you'll get a response within 48 hours)
  • Do your own research: Relying on Dr Google for medical information can be dangerous. Now you can use Best Doctors' extensive online medical encyclopedia and video library instead.
  • Give yourself a health check: Use Best Doctors' online symptom checker and easy-to-use health and wellness calculators to give yourself a health check.
  • Find a recommended specialist: Take the uncertainty out of choosing the best medical practitioner or specialist. Get a local peer-approved recommendation right here.
  • Access expert insights: Get specialist advice, without a full medical review - we'll refer your case to a leading international expert and you'll get a detailed report within seven days.

Top five critical conditions assessed by Best Doctors

Top five critical conditions assessed by Best Doctors

Top five non-critical conditions assessed by Best Doctors

Top five non-critical conditions assessed by Best Doctors

Darren Reynolds, Managing Director of Best Doctors, joined the team at Everyday Health TV to provide further information on this incredible service.

Listen to Michael's Story 

Watch this short video to listen to Michael's story and learn how a second opinion from Best Doctors helped his son to live with the rare condition, spinal syrinx. 

Listen to Adam's Story

Watch this short video to hear Adam's story and learn how a second opinion from Best Doctors helped him recover from a rare, aggressive (and previously un-diagnosed) form of skin cancer... 

Case Studies

  • Saving David’s life: The treatment for David’s rheumatoid arthritis was causing his body to waste away. Read about how Best Doctors got to the root of the problem and saved David’s life. View case file
  • Enabling Holly to walk: Holly’s treatment for a tumour had left her with a broken leg that wouldn’t heal. Read about how Best Doctors got Holly on her feet and walking again. View case file
  • Managing Susan’s debilitating pain: Susan was unable to work because of chronic pain from her diagnosed condition, polymyalgia. Read about how Best Doctors found the correct diagnosis and pain management plan. View case file
  • Giving Susanna her life back: A tailbone injury was forcing Susanna to spend 20 hours a day lying down. Read about how Best Doctors enabled Susanna to manage her condition and get her life back. View case file
  • Providing certainty for Tim: The unpredictable nature of Tim’s Multiple Sclerosis made the future uncertain for him. Read about how Best Doctors found the best way for Tim to manage his condition. View case file

Not an HIF GoldStar or Premium Options member?

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* Timeframes may be longer if we need to retest pathology