Why Choose HIF's Health Insurance?

Reasons to choose HIF? Take your pick...

When we say HIF is Australia’s health insurance provider of choice, it isn’t an idle boast. We literally mean we offer you more choices. Not confusing hospital and ancillary cover choices though– with our product selector, choosing the right insurance is easy. No, we mean good choices. Your choice of hospital, doctor, specialist, dentist… you even have a choice of reasons to choose HIF.

Why Choose HIF?

We offer small premiums and BIG benefits.

Did you know that we provide among the cheapest private health cover in Australia? Our average premium increase for the past six years has been less than the average increases of the big funds, and consistently below the industry average. But 'cheap' makes us sound, well, cheap, when our benefits are among the best around. Compare us with the other funds or check out how the Government rates us.


We're smarter.

How do we offer such affordable health cover, yet still provide excellent benefits and rebates? By working hard to be ultra efficient, that's how. We don't have a network of expensive branches to maintain. We don't incur large overheads. We don't spend enormous amounts on advertising. Instead, we focus on developing innovative ways to best serve our members; and that's why our premiums are consistently among the lowest in Australia, while the benefits are among the highest. Did you also know that members can now claim on their mobile device by downloading our new SmartClaim app? Now that's smart!


We're all about choice.

Unlike many other health funds, we don't dictate which healthcare providers you can use. With us, you're free to visit YOUR preferred practitioner, without being penalised financially. In fact, our stance on dental providers in particular has been publicly applauded by the Australian Dental Association of WA, making us the only health fund with an ADAWA commendation


We challenge the big funds.

If you've seen our advertising recently, you'll know that, while we may be smaller than some funds, we're not afraid to stand up and defend your right to choose the best value health cover in Australia. We strongly believe in preserving YOUR right to choose, and always will.


We're here for you and only you.

As a not-for-profit member-based health fund, we don't have to increase your premiums to pay income tax and dividends to shareholders. Affordability is our focus, so any surplus is returned to our members by keeping a lid on premiums, while improving our product inclusions and rebates.


Our people are there for you. 

When you speak to one of our member service representatives, you can rest assured that you're talking to a real person who works at HIF (not some anonymous off-shore call centre). You're talking to a professional who knows their stuff. Someone who works solely for you, the member (not shareholders). Get in touch today and see for yourself.


We've got Australia covered. 

Did you know that we give you access to over 500 private hospitals throughout Australia? So if you're going to be away from home, or you plan to relocate, we'll still be there to help you during your time of need. Reassuring thought, isn't it?


We want you to be in control.

Ever been confused by some of our competitors' packages? You're not the only one. That's why we've made it easy for you. We offer five domestic Hospital cover choices and five Extras cover choices. That's it. No forced packages. So if you only want private hospital cover that's fine by us. Same goes for Extras cover. And if you do want both, you can do that too - simply by mixing and matching the different options until you find a combination that suits your needs and budget. Test drive our handy online product selector now to get a free quote.


We make switching easy. 

If you want to switch but think the paperwork looks too daunting, fear not. HIF makes switching easy! Just tell us who you're currently insured with and we'll call them on your behalf. We'll even honour your length of membership with your previous fund under our loyalty program, so (in most cases) you won't have to serve new waiting periods. How good is that?


We've gone green.

It's true, our commitment to purchasing carbon credits means we're officially environmentally friendly. In fact, we're Australia's first and only certified Carbon Neutral (NoCo2) health fund. Find out more about our green credentials


We're committed to the community.

As well as sponsoring a number of community initiatives, including the Perth Wildcats basketball team and the Dog's Refuge Home. We're also proud to support The Amanda Young Foundation. This fantastic charity is dedicated to reducing deaths from Meningococcal Disease and also supports the development of young people into future leaders. Find out more about our commitment to the community