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    Are The Weekends Ruining Your Diet?

    Are weekends ruining your diet? Whether it’s after work drinks on a Friday, an all-day family get together or even Sunday brunch, excessive eating and drinking can ultimately lead to weight gain that few of us want (or need). But in a world of filled with temptation, convenience foods and constant calorie overloads, what can we do to control our eating patterns? In this post, Susie delves into the many food challenges we encounter and offers her top tips on how to identify specific food rules and stick to them. 
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    Classic BLT

    Do you love a classic BLT? It’s certainly a firm favourite with the team here at HIF! If you need some inspiration for Sunday brunch today, why not try this delicious guilt-free option by HIF nutrition expert Susie Burrell. It combines crispy lettuce, crunchy tomato, a poached egg and low fat bacon with fresh wholemeal bread, drizzled with a teaspoon of light mayonnaise or sweet chilli sauce – yum!
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    Too Busy to Exercise?

    Too busy to exercise? Don’t worry, it’s actually a common issue and you’re certainly not alone. In fact, our resident fitness expert Brian Killian of bnatural believes that increasingly busy lifestyles has become one of the main reasons why workouts fall by the wayside. But are we really so time-poor nowadays that we can’t even squeeze in some quick healthy activities? Brian says no – and he’s here to help.
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    What To Eat Today...And Where?

    What to eat today… and where?? Ever struggled with that decision? We’ve all been there! Whether it’s at the airport, the movies, a café, a food court or even just those classic 3pm sugar cravings while you’re at work, hunger can strike and regrettably, the process of trying to make healthy food decisions quickly diminishes. Luckily we have Susie Burrell on hand to explain the perfect food choices in situations like these and most importantly, how to avoid unnecessary calorie overload! 
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    Exercise Boosts Brain Power

    Is it possible to influence the aging process? According to HIF Health expert, Brian Killian, ”If you look around the population close to you, or even looking closely at yourself, you will notice people of similar ages with varying levels of health, both physically and mentally. In this post, Brian compares the life of his aunt who lived a sedentary lifestyle and the lifestyle of a client who benefited from regular exercise. Brian also explains why just two sessions of aerobic exercise per week could not only halve your risk of general dementia, but will also cut your risk of Alzheimer’s by 60%. 
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    Dental Health Article by Dr Emma - "Ulcers"

    Hands up who’s ever had a mouth ulcer? That annoying sting in your mouth, and your tongue just won’t leave it alone? Yuck. Fortunately, for the majority of us it only happens once in a while, however for others it can become a regular occurrence. In THIS post, Dr Emma defines what an ulcer actually is, explains what triggers ulcers and most importantly, tells us when the time is right to seek a professional opinion. 
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    Tuna Cakes

    Why not take the stress out of dinner this evening with this family favourite – tuna cakes! This recipe is ideal if you’re thinking of a quick, easy and budget friendly dish. Tuna cakes go great with salad, couscous, quinoa, rice, mash potato, you name it – the list is endless!
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    Are Your Friends Making You Fat?

    Are your friends making you fat? According to HIF health expert Susie Burrell, if the majority of your friends are prone to eating or drinking too much, you may need to be more disciplined so that you don’t slip into the same bad habits – and she has the research to prove it! In this post, Susie explains why we must be mindful of how powerful the influence of those around us actually is, and offers her own advice on what you can do to achieve your personal weight, health and fitness goals. 
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