May 2013

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Muscle Mass As You Age

Losing muscle mass as we age is inevitable. How much muscle is lost and how fast it happens, well – that depends on us and how well we take care of our bodies. In his latest Q&A session HIF fitness guru Brian Killian explains why age isn’t the deciding factor in terms of  muscle lose and offers his expert advice on strengthening exercises to engage in to ensure  muscle mass retention.   

Category: Fitness
Dental Health Article by Dr Emma - "Energy Drinks"

How many energy drinks do you guzzle each week – one, two, seven? But hey, how bad can it be! After all, it’s just a little caffeine kick – right? Well... no, actually there’s a lot more to it than just caffeine. In fact, according to Dr Emma, a daily can of Red Bull, Monster, V or Mother is the dental equivalent of a perfect storm. In this article for HIF, Dr Emma explains the key ingredients found in energy drinks and the concerning impacts on our oral health.

Category: Dental Health
Preventing Winter Weight Gain

Worried about gaining weight in Winter? For many of  us, winter can seem like our enemy! Getting out of bed can be challenging, our cravings for comfort foods can increase and our daily exercise routine can be easily replaced with a night curled up on the sofa. In this article, Susie discusses the reasons why winter and weight gain go hand in hand and offers her expert advice on how to ensure you avoid the dreaded winter weight gain. 

Category: Nutrition
Reluctant Quitter

Do you consider yourself a gym junkie? Maybe you love a hardcore cardio session… but what if medical reasons forced you to quit this type of workout? In his first Q&A for HIF, fitness guru Brian Killian offers his advice to an HIF member who, after being forced to quit the gym for medical reasons, wants to inject some excitement and motivation into her new low impact fitness regime. 

Category: Fitness
High Blood Pressure

Do you have high blood pressure? According to HIF Health expert Susie Burrell, at least 30% of Australian adults are currently experiencing high blood pressure. So what can be done to lower it? In her this article for HIF, Susie explores some dietary approaches to reducing blood pressure and offers her own recommendations for positive health management through nutrition.

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Category: Nutrition
Articles 1 to 10 of 13