September 2013

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Are You Having Too Much Caffeine?

Consuming too much caffeine? If coffee, tea or energy drinks play a big part in your life, the mere thought of cutting back may be too traumatic to consider. However, according to Susie it’s important to understand when our daily caffeine consumption may be too high. In this post, Susie explains what our ideal daily caffeine intake should be and discusses the varying effects it can have on our bodies.

Category: Nutrition
Mustering Motivation

Are you struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Maybe you’ve eaten too much fast-food lately, or you’re not exercising as often as you used to? Whatever your reason, don’t worry – we know it doesn’t take much for commitment levels to slip sometimes. In this post, Susie discusses five powerful questions you need to ask yourself in order to preserve your commitment to health and fitness.

Category: Nutrition
Lentil Salad

How does a bowl of roasted winter veg, lentils, garlic, balsamic, rocket and goat’s cheese sound for lunch tomorrow? (yummy, right?!) If you love your vegetables, you’re guaranteed to love today’s ‘Lentil Salad’ recipe! Provided by HIF Health expert Susie Burrell, this dish is an awesome choice if you want a meal that’s quick and easy to make. 
Category: Recipes
Return To Spring

Have you let your diet slip over winter? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. In fact, we hear groans about the same thing around the HIF office all the time. In this post Susie provides her expert advice on how to shed those extra winter pounds and ensure you’re ready for Summer. 

Category: Nutrition

Ever wondered what happens to your body post -exercise? According to HIF fitness guru, Brian Killian, our initial reaction is often: “I’ve done a workout, worked my muscles, I need to refuel.” But here’s an interesting thought - what if our interpretation of this signal is incorrect? What if it’s not food our bodies are asking for? Brian explains all...

Category: Fitness
Foods You Think Are Healthy

Smoothies, yoghurts, rice snacks and muesli bars – all healthy foods, right?! Well actually – wrong! According to Susie these are some of the most popular ‘healthy’ food choices which could be derailing your diet. In her latest post, Susie delves into a handful of ‘diet offenders’ and offers her advice on what to look out for when examining food labels. 

Category: Nutrition
Articles 1 to 10 of 12