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Top Tips For A Successful Detox

Does your body need a detox? According to Susie: “Whilst there is no scientific evidence to confirm this, a detox does offer an opportunity to refocus and establish some clear diet and fat loss goals. Even better, it can also empower healthy choices, and if done correctly see a couple of kilograms fall off.” But what exactly does a healthy detox involve – is it simply cutting out processed foods and stimulants? In this post, Susie outlines her sample detox plan and offers her top 10 tips for a successful body cleanse.
Category: Nutrition
Do Health and Fitness Apps Work?

Do you download lots of health & fitness apps? You’re not the only one, and there’s plenty to choose from! According Brian: “At least 40,000 apps are available to assist people in living a healthier lifestyle, with no fewer than 10,000 of them aimed at improving diet and fitness”... but are these apps actually helpful, and do they encourage good habits? In this post, Brian evaluates a recent research study conducted by the IMS institute for Healthcare Informatics and offers his opinion on the top five fitness apps in the marketplace.
Category: Fitness
Are You a Frequent Fidgeter?

Don’t worry, even our very own fitness guru Brian is a self-confessed fidget! But did you know that your constant need to move or fidget could be influencing your weight? In this post for our Healthy Lifestyle Blog, Brian discusses how a recent research study concluded that participants who fidgeted (or made small movements frequently made during the day) consumed an additional 350 calories per day! Brian also offers more information on how our modern day sedentary lifestyle is having detrimental effect on our health.
Category: Fitness
Denture Lifespan

Every wondered what the average life span of a denture is? According to Dr Emma: “A lot depends on how many teeth are on the denture, what it is made out of, how it is held in place, how it is maintained, and the general condition of the rest of the mouth.” In this post, Dr Emma offers her advice on how long an average denture should function and answers a readers concern following an unpleasant dental experience.
Category: Dental Health
Benefits of Resistance Training

Do you incorporate Resistance Training into your workout? According to HIF fitness guru Brian Killian, “Resistance training is the most influential lifestyle choice a person can make to improve and maintain good health”. In this post for our Healthy Lifestyle Blog, Brian discusses the many benefits associated with resistance training and explains how it can help reduce the risk of developing health conditions, such as Type 2 Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Heart Disease and Obesity. 
Category: Fitness
Seeded Beetroot Salad

Who loves beetroot? As well as being delicious, did you know that our favourite purple veg can also help reduce blood pressure and other associated risks such as heart attacks and strokes? In fact, according to www.lovebeets.com.au, just three baby beetroots a day is equal to one of your recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables. With this in mind, we thought you may be interested in this delicious (and healthy) seeded beetroot salad recipe by HIF health expert Susie Burrell. It’s quick and easy to make, and serves two people
Category: Recipes
Is Sugar Really Toxic?

Is sugar really toxic? According to Susie, “No other food has received the criticism that sugar has over the past couple of years. Headlines of ‘toxic’, ‘poison’ and ‘addiction’ have been constantly bantered around with sugar free devotes claiming that banning the simple molecule has changed their life and their weight forever”. But what effect does sugar really have on our bodies and is it as addictive as many media outlets publicise? In this post, Susie discusses the effects that sugar has on our bodies and offers her opinion on why labeling sugar as powerful as drugs may be giving the glucose molecule, a little too much supremacy.

Category: Nutrition

Did you know osteoporosis currently affects over 2 million Australians? But what exactly is osteoporosis and is there anything we can do to prevent this condition? In this blog post Brian walks us through the best bone building exercises to incorporate into our workouts and also reinforces the important role rest plays on our muscles (and bones).
Category: Fitness
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