June 2014

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Ever Considered Going Veggie?

Ever considered going veggie? According to Susie Burrell, “An observable increase in the availability of vegetarian and more specifically vegan options at both the local supermarket and restaurants would suggest that the popularity of vegetarian eating is continuing to grow.” But we’re curious - from a health perspective, does a vegetarian diet deprive the body of any key nutrients? In this post for our Healthy Lifestyle Blog, Susie delves into both the pros and cons of being a vegetarian, and explains why incorporating a meat-free meal into your weekly planner is a sensible option. 
Category: Nutrition
Is Alcohol Making You Fat?

According to Susie Burrell, “The issue with alcohol and weight control is that as the body identifies alcohol as a toxin, it processes it before other nutrients which in turn means that any food consumed with the alcohol, fatty food in particular, are more likely to be stored. The good news, however, is that if we were to drink a glass of wine occasionally or sip on a spirit over an hour there would be no issue at all.”  In this post for our Healthy Lifestyle Blog, Susie discusses the effects of alcohol on our bodies and explains why it is possible to strike a balance between enjoyment, health and weight control when it comes to alcohol consumption.
Category: Nutrition
Are You a Fan of Seafood?

Seafood – friend or foe? Love it or hate it, seafood boasts an array of beneficial nutrients including protein, omega 3 fats, vitamin A, vitamin D, zinc, iodine and iron. But what if seafood doesn’t agree with your palate? Are there other foods which offer similar nutritional values?  That’s a question we received from a concerned Facebook fan recently… 
Category: Nutrition
Exercising on an Empty Stomach

Should you exercise on an empty stomach? According to Susie, “This is an extremely common question and the answer isn’t a simple yes or no”. In her latest post, Susie answers a readers concern regarding her morning workout and explains why the importance of food intake (pre-workout) differs depending on the type of exercise undertaken. 
Category: Nutrition
Have You Ever Detoxed?

Have you ever detoxed? According to Susie, “The term ‘detox’ has become very popular in recent years. For many it gives a chance to refocus and establish clear diet and fast loss goals, for others the aim is to drop a few extra kilos.” But what impact does a detox have on our bodies? In this post for our Healthy Lifestyle Blog, Susie answers a reader’s concern by explaining how an overly restrictive detox can impact our metabolic rate, and offers her advice on how to complete a healthy yet effective detox. 
Category: Nutrition
Morning Cardio

Morning vs evening cardio – which is better? According to Brian, “It’s easy to get caught up in this debate, with numerous studies giving weight to each side of the argument. But when you cut through all the chatter it comes down to the objective of your exercise – what do you want to achieve?” In his latest post for our Healthy Lifestyle Blog, Brian discusses a recent research study completed by Dr. Joseph Mercola, which suggests that people who exercise prior to breakfast lose more weight and also explains why consistency is his golden rule.
Category: Fitness
Finger Sucking

Is your child a thumb sucker? According to Dr Emma, “Thumb sucking is a natural reflex for babies to allow them to feed. The good news is that most children will stop themselves between the ages of 2-4 yrs old, however the bad news is that 15-40% will continue with some sort of sucking habit, be it fingers, thumbs or a dummy.” So what options are available to parents concerned by their child’s sucking habit?” In her latest post, Dr Emma answers a reader’s concerns regarding her daughter’s sucking problem, and offers her advice on alternative techniques to combat it.
Category: Dental Health
Articles 1 to 10 of 13