September 2014

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    Smoked Salmon Bruschetta with Smashed Avocado and Feta

    Hands up who needs some healthy lunch inspiration? When taking your own lunch to work day after day, it’s easy to fall into the same lack luster routine (especially when you’re short of time). Which is why we’ve asked our guest blogger Helen from Scrummy Lane for her expert advice.  According to Helen: “Today’s smoked salmon bruschetta with smashed avocado and feta dish is the perfect option for an easy, light yet luxurious meal.”
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    Good Nutrition for Busy Mums

    Are you a busy mum with no time for “me time”? According to Susie Burrell: “Any mother will know that whether she means to or not, the kids, the husband, work, friends, in fact everything tends to come before her own needs, and as a result her own health. Women who were completely in control of their weight prior to getting married will repeatedly report gaining weight post wedding and then post babies to end up 20+ kg heavier in their late 30’s and 40’s and feeling unattractive, tired and fatigued as a result.” If this sounds familiar, it’s time to take control. Read more...
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    What Is Infant Reflexology and More Importantly, is it Safe?

    According to Brian: “Opinions are divided on the validity of reflexology as a healing modality. The more scientifically oriented argue its method of action is yet to be proven under controlled conditions so therefore it is not effective. Those with a more holistic viewpoint argue that with reflexology dating to ancient Egyptian times, its longevity and continuance is proof of its effectiveness and validity.” A qualified Naturopath and Remedial Therapist himself, Brian explains: “Touch is an important part of healing and one which is often overlooked in influence by modern medicine. It is a non invasive tool which even if not yet to be proven by science, encourages and reinforces the undeniable bond between a baby and their parents”.
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    Portion Control

    Are you eating healthy portion sizes? According to Susie: “When it comes to losing weight and then keeping it off long term, it all comes down to portion sizes. Sure we may know that a restaurant meal out has a few more calories than we would usually enjoy at dinner, but an issue that we consider far less often is the insidious ways in which we eat extra calories numerous times throughout the day. For example a slightly larger slice of bread, an extra teaspoon of oil or even eating from a larger plate.” Luckily, we have Susie on hand to offer her advice. In this post for our Healthy Lifestyle Blog, Susie explains her top 10 tips for portion control and describes what a healthy serving should actually look like.
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    Almond and Blueberry Chocolate Rocks

    Need inspiration for a tasty afternoon snack? Don’t worry, we do too! Which is why we’ve asked our wonderful guest blogger Helen from Scrummy Lane for some suggestions – and of course she hasn’t disappointed. So why not give these almond, and blueberry chocolate rocks a go? They’re easy to make and as the name suggests, you only need three ingredients! They also make lovely gifts for friends and family. :)
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    How Often Do You Go Out For Dinner?

    According to “The Australian households’ spend on meals away from home has jumped more than 55% since 1984”. Interesting, right? But did you know that eating out can often add 1500+ extra calories to your daily diet too? Yikes! Luckily, we have Susie on hand to offer her advice on how to cut a staggering 800+ calories from an average restaurant meal, including her top 5 dietary food swaps. 
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