November 2015

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    Pumpkin, Chorizo and Feta Salad

    Need inspiration for a perfect light lunch? Why not try this tasty and colourful “Pumpkin, Chorizo and Feta Salad”. According to HIF food guru Helen from Scrummy Lane: "The tastes in this simple salad just seem to perfectly balance each other out – the sweetness of the pumpkin, the peppery smokiness of the chorizo, the tart saltiness of the cheese and the roasted crunch of the pine nuts, all piled on top of your choice of green salad leaves and lightly doused in a sweet, tangy honey balsamic dressing is just delicious!". Enjoy!  

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    Protein Pancakes

    Hands-up who fancies Saturday morning pancakes (without the guilt)? Well, your wish is our command. This delicious recipe by HIF health guru Susie is super easy to make and is the perfect option for an indulgent weekend breakfast. Even better, it’s packed full of high-protein ingredients and contains a mere 210 calories per serve. 

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    The Most Addictive Foods

    Chocolate, ice-cream, cheese or chips  - what’s your favourite food vice? According Susie, “The concept of food addiction has been described without clear definition for some time, with associations made between certain types of food being consumed and their  physiological and behavourial effects such as increased impulsivity and emotional re-activity.” However recent research by Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai has advanced knowledge in this area and suggests that highly processed foods could be linked to an addictive style of eating behaviour. In this post Susie discusses the most addictive types of foods and offers her advice on appropriate substitutes that will satisfy our cravings without derailing our diets.

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