December 2015

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How to Hurdle Fitness Obstacles Like a Pro as a New or Expecting Mum

Do you feel like you have no time for yourself, let alone time to exercise as a new or expecting mum? You're not alone! Which is why we caught up with fitness expert and hard-working, fit mum Claire Chidzey for her advice from her own personal experiences. Claire discussed the many obstacles she faced and the efforts she used to overcome them to get her pre baby body back, here's what she told us...

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Peanut Butter Cups

It's the holiday season, and what kind of holidays would they be without a little sweetness. Try this delicious peanut butter cup recipe by Helen from According to Helen, "This is the easiest way to make peanut butter cups ...with only 3 tasty ingredients (milk chocolate, white chocolate & peanut butter). You can also pile them into a glass jar, and you'll have the perfect last-minute Christmas gift too!"  

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Surviving a Party With Your Weight Intact

The lead up to the festive season inevitably brings the infamous office or family Christmas parties. In preparation, you may have pulled out all the stops to shape up and trim down, so don’t go and throw it all away now by over indulging on those high fat finger foods! With this in mind, we caught up with HIF nutrition guru Susie Burrell to find out her top tips to help you get through the party season with a 1,000 extra calories on board. 

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The Importance of Recovery

How important is recovery after a fitness challenge? According to HIF fitness blogger Matt Fuller, "Treating your body well during recovery phases is just as important as pushing yourself in the gym. By looking after your body (pre and post event), you’re less likely to suffer injury and your body will reward you by bouncing back quicker for your next challenge." In this article, Matt discusses the steps he took to recover from his gruelling  24 Hour Grind Challenge for Telethon and explains why he’s always followed his own personal mantra – “You can never over-train, but you can under-recover”.

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Is It Really 'Low Sugar'?

Sugar free, low sugar, no added sugar... we see these labels all the time, but how can we be sure that they are accurate? According to our expert nutritionist Susie Burrell, "The issue is that individuals have been led to believe that they are not consuming sugar, rather low sugar alternatives. Unfortunately the truth is that these alternatives are simply other forms of sugar that will ultimately have the same impact on calorie control, hormonal balance and weight control as any other sugar if over consumed." In this article Susie discusses these misconceptions, and explains the importance of looking at our ingredient list before making a purchase. 

Category: Nutrition
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