March 2015

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    24 Hours Out – What Should You Be Eating?

    Who’s joining us in Perth tomorrow for the SIDS & KIDS WA Beach Run? We can’t wait to hit the beach! But with only 24 hours to go now, we’ve been thinking about nutrition and wondering how we can ensure that we’re properly prepared for the big day? Luckily for us leading dietician Susie Burrell has written another great article including suggestions about which foods to consume pre-event, and also what to avoid!

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    Anticoagulants and Dentistry

    Have you ever taken anticoagulants such as aspirin, warfarin or clopidogrel? According to HIF dental expert Dr Emma: “These drugs are incorrectly referred to as blood thinners. For a long time it was recommended that people taking anticoagulant drugs stop before having a tooth taken out, primarily due to the risk of excess bleeding. Looking at the big picture, patients are in more danger from having a dangerous clot form during this time than they are from bleeding after a tooth extraction. That's why in recent years the guidelines for dentists have changed, and it's no longer recommended to stop anticoagulant medication for oral surgery…” Interested in learning more? Then check out this article, where she explains the precautions your dentist should take prior to any oral surgery.
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    Do You Train Regularly?

    According to Susie: “Whether you're training in the gym, pounding the pavement or clocking up laps in the pools, it can become easy to forget the key nutritional requirements your body needs when pushing it to the limit”. Luckily for us, Susie has compiled her top five tips to ensure your diet is correct for any type of training.

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    HIF Improves Hospital Coverage and Medical Benefits for Members

    HIF’s hospital coverage has gotten even better over the last 12 months. Now HIF members are covered for private treatment at almost 1,300 hospitals around Australia – that’s 534 private overnight hospitals and day facilities for inpatients, plus 750 public hospitals. Read on to learn more about our improved hospital coverage across Australia, our latest no-gap arrangements and our in-home hospital services.

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    Find Your Own Motivation

    Perth – are you preparing for the SIDS & KIDS WA Beach Run? If you’ve been following our blog posts recently, you’ll know that our new personal fitness expert Matt Fuller has been coaching our readers on how to prepare for a physically challenging event. The team here at HIF have also been busy turning Matt’s advice into action, which is why he has kindly complied another short training plan to complement his previous post. In this article Matt explains how to introduce speed, agility and shuttle runs into your training preparations, and also offers guidance on whether or not to run barefoot in the sand!

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