June 2015

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    Rest Your Eyes

    Do your eyes get tired and sore at the end of the day? According to our friends at OPSM, "Working for long hours on a computer, tablet or mobile phone can lead to eye strain, as our eyes are fixed on a screen at a specific distance for long periods of time". If this sounds familiar to you, it may be time to book an eye test, even if you're not due one. In the meantime, why not check out OPSM's top tips to refresh your eyes plus some gentle eye exercises that can be done on a daily basis.    

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    To Yoga or Not?

    Are you a fan of Bikram yoga? According to Matt, "Bikram Yoga provides a challenging environment that increases your strength and cardiovascular endurance, giving you greater stamina and flexibility. However it may not be suitable for everyone". In this post Matt discusses the many benefits associated with this form of exercise and the possible health risks to be aware of. 

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    HIF and Wildcats keep playing on the same team

    HIF and the Perth Wildcats are pleased to announce a renewed three-year partnership, following the success of their work together over the last two seasons. Wildcats managing director Nick Marvin said this week, “Some time ago we walked away from junk food and alcohol sponsorship so it is terrific to have HIF remaining on board with us to help promote healthy living and to have those shared values."

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    Is your carbohydrate intake too low?

    Is your carbohydrate intake too low? According to Susie, “While reducing carbohydrates in the diet will help to burn more fat initially as the body adjusts to a fuel shortage, over time muscles that are chronically deprived of the minimal amount of carbs that they need will increase the metabolic efficiency of their cells so they need fewer calories and carbohydrates to function. This means that while we eat fewer and fewer carbs, but continue with the same amount of exercise, we become less likely to burn body fat and lose weight. And this is the reason that individuals who train hard on most days of the week but eat minimal carbs do not get the changes with their body that they are looking for.” Read more...

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