July 2015

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    Best Foods For Training

    What should you be eating after a workout? This was a question we put to Susie and of course she hasn't disappointed - "If you train regularly, at the gym, with a PT or by yourself, the last thing you want is for your nutrition post training to be undoing all of your hard work. Unfortunately it's all too common to see a regular exerciser completely blow all their hard work by consuming far more calories after they train than they have actually burnt." Luckily for us, Susie has compiled her ultimate food guide to ensure we choose the best foods to eat, post exercise.

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    Interview with WA Surfer Paul D’Vorak

    Paul D’Vorak is a WA local who sustained a broken neck in a freak accident, leaving him an incomplete quadriplegic with limited use of his hands. Once a talented and fearless surfer, Paul was forced to face a host of challenges and lifestyle changes. After making the difficult decision to return to the surf, Paul eventually contacted legendary shaper Al Bean to create a specially designed board. Despite the incredible risks, Paul has been using the board to get back into the big waves of Margaret River – a testament to the things you can achieve in the face of adversity. Here's Paul's story and his advice to others overcoming physical barriers...

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    Maple Teriyaki Salmon with Soba Noodles

    Need some inspiration for the perfect mid week meal that's easy to make but still full of flavour? Don't worry, you're not the only one. Which is why we asked our guest blogger Helen from Scrummy Lane for her expert advice. According to Helen: "This is definitely that kind of dish that ends up seeming as if you’ve spent hours and hours slaving over it, but in reality, once you’ve chopped up your ginger, garlic and chili, it comes together in what feels like moments" 

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    Surf Videographer Darren McCagh offers his Top Tips for a HIF Clip of the Season Winning Entry

    Darren McCagh, owner of Farmhouse Films, is a passionate and successful WA videographer, renowned for his ability to cut through to the true nature of a subject. Since starting his career in 2009, McCagh’s portfolio has grown into an impressive collection of surfing and event films, lifestyle clips and documentaries. With this in mind, we caught up with Darren to hear his top tips for a HIF Clip of the Season winning entry. 

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    OPSM Introduce the World’s First Eye Screening Book and App for Children

    Did you know 1 in 5 Australian school children have never had their eyes tested? According to our friends at OPSM, “Recent research has revealed that Australian parents of children aged 3-10 aren’t prioritising their child’s vision like other health matters, such as immunisation or dental care. More than a third (36%) of Australian children haven't had their eyes tested in the past two years, and even more alarmingly; over 1 in 5 (21%) have never had their eyes tested. In response to these alarming statistics (and in a bid to raise awareness of children’s eye health), OPSM have introduced Penny the Pirate, the world’s first FREE children’s book and app that has turned eye screening into a fun, interactive, illustrated book.

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