September 2015

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    Moussake Style Penne Pasta

    Looking for a quick and easy evening meal? Why not try this delicious “”Moussaka-sytle penne pasta” recipe by HIF foodie, Helen from Scrummy Lane. This scrumptious dish combines diced aubergine and onion, juicy canned tomatoes and tomato puree, dried oregano and tasty spices with fresh penne pasta topped with a sprinkle of crumbly feta cheese”. Team it with a healthy green salad and you've got yourself a nutritious, hearty evening meal (with some yummy Greek flavouring).  

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    Spring Sun Protection for your Eyes

    Did you know sun protection for your eyes is just as important as it is for your skin? According to our friends over at OPSM, "90% of skin cancers occur above the neck and up to 10% occurs on the eyelid. With Winter behind us and the weather starting to warm up, now is the perfect time to start protecting our eyes while enjoying some Spring sunshine". Luckily for us, OPSM have kindly put together this informative blog post which discusses the dangers of UV radiation and their expert tips on how to protect our eyes.

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    How I got back into exercise after having my baby

    With a new baby on board, finding the time to fit exercise into your day can be very difficult, which means getting back into shape after nine long months of pregnancy isn't a quick and easy process either. With this in mind we caught up with HIF's new blogger Claire Chidzey, Mum and Co-founder of Lafit Studio to share her personal experience. 

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    Greek Quesadillas with Tsatziki

    Ever tried Greek-Mex? Sounds intriguing...doesn't it? Well, according to Helen, "If you’ve ever tried Greek spanakopita, or feta cheese and spinach pie, then you’ll absolutely love this Scrummy Lane recipe. These little Greek quesadillas combine those perfectly-paired classic Greek flavours of crispy spinach, creamy feta and dill, with a delicious quick and easy traditional tsatziki sauce. Sounds like the perfect option for a fuss-free evening meal to us.

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    The Foods That Help to Prevent Middle Age Spread

    Are you worried about the middle aged spread? Don't worry you're not alone. According to HIF blogger Susie Burrell "None of us like it, but inevitably we gain weight as we get older.The combination of hormonal changes, a reduction in metabolic rate and less active lifestyle means that ‘middle aged’ spread equates to gradual weight gain every year. Thankfully though, we finally we have some scientific evidence to show that the types of foods we choose on a day to day basis are crucial when it comes to preventing the ‘age creep’ many of us see in our 40’s and 50’s."  In this post, Susie discusses a recent study published by Tufts University which tracked the dietary patterns of over 120,000 health professionals over 16 years and also offers her expert advice on the best anti-aging superfoods we can consume to keep ours waistlines thinner as the years tick by.

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    Blueberry, Bacon and Avocado Salad (With a Blueberry Dressing)

    Hooray – yesterday marked the first day of Spring and to celebrate we thought we’d share this mouth-watering blueberry, bacon and avocado salad recipe by HIF food guru Helen from Scrummy Lane. This dish combines juicy green salad leaves, creamy avocado, smoked bacon, fresh blueberries with a tangy mustard-y blueberry dressing - delicious! In Helen’s own words, “ This one's a keeper –  we hope you enjoy!”

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    Box Your Way to Fit

    Have you thought about incorporating boxing into your training routine? According to HIF fitness blogger Matt Fuller, "Boxing nowadays is not just for the macho blokes. It’s an intense workout, which places a great emphasis on toning, muscular strength and endurance. Not only that, it's also a great way to gain results quickly and increase your energy levels." In this post, Matt discusses the many benefits associated with boxing and offers his advice on how to include it in our weekly training routine. 

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