October 2016

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    Healthy Halloween: Scary Spiders

    Hands up who’d like a guilt-free recipe for Halloween? If you’ve answered yes, then you’ll love these “Scary Spiders” from our resident health guru Susie Burrell. Combining roasted almonds, sweet macadamias, peanut butter nut spread, fresh dates, raw cacao and a coat of coconut – these scrumptious treats not only taste delicious but are super healthy too. Happy Halloween everyone! 

    Category: Nutrition
    Toss the Floss?

    Flossing our teeth is something we're supposed to do on a regular basis, yet a new review by the Associated Press states there's little evidence to support the effectiveness of floss - so why do dentists worldwide still recommend it? We caught up with our resident dental health blogger, Dr. Emma, to hear her thoughts on this topic...

    Category: Dental Health
    Melanoma Exposed.

    Did you know by the time you get home from work each day, 35 Australians will have been diagnosed with Melanoma. Even worse five will have died. According to Dr. Sam, "While it’s a relatively rare skin cancer, only making up 2% of all skin cancers, it’s the deadliest. It grows and spreads quickly and that’s why it causes 75% of skin cancer deaths in Australia". With this in mind Dr Sam provides a comprehensive overview of the the facts surrounding Melanoma and what we we do to prevent it. 

    Category: General Medical
    How to Manage Stress in the Workplace

    Did you know that one of the most common causes of stress stems from the workplace? According to Psychologist and our newest mental health blogger, Dr Happy, "1 in 5 Australians take time off every year because they feel stressed, anxious or depressed; and this figure is more than twice as high (46%) when workers believe their place of employment is not mentally healthy." With this in mind, we asked Tim for his top ten tips for manage stress in the workplace.

    Category: Mental Health
    Diet Trends

    Diet trends – they’re everywhere, but are they food fads or sensible eating? According to HIF health expert Susie Burrell, "As we learn more and more about nutrition, and with the number of ‘experts’ out there publishing diet books increasing, it inevitably leads to the propagation of new diet beliefs and trends (whether or not there is evidence to support them)." In this article, Susie discusses the latest food trends including, “Swapping back to full cream milk”, “Sushi is a healthy choice” and “We should all be eating Paleo” and offers her advice on the nutritional science behind these trends. 

    Category: Nutrition
    Articles 1 to 9 of 9