December 2016

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    What is Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

    Did you know that 70,000 Aussies are affected by Inflammatory Bowel Disease? According to health professional Dr. Sam, "Inflammatory bowel diseases, which include Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, are a bit mysterious in the sense that we don't really know what triggers the immune system to attack our body this way, but we do know the main risk factors. IBD is a serious condition, but if you look after yourself, it shouldn't rule your life." In this article, Dr. Sam explains what Inflammatory Bowel Disease entails, factors that may affect IBD risk, and the treatment that is available.

    Category: General Medical
    Do New Year’s Resolutions Make You Anxious? Here’s What You Can do About it!

    It’s almost a new year and with it come the New Year’s resolutions. According to mental health expert Dr. Happy, "If you’re feeling anxious and stressed about your New Year’s Resolutions then something’s not quite right; and if something’s not quite right, you’re not as likely to be motivated to do what you need to do to achieve your goals.  Resolutions, which is really just another way of describing goals, should be exciting and stimulating; they should stretch you and motivate you to achieve and to be more. But they shouldn’t cause excessive amounts of stress or anxiety." We caught up with Dr. Happy to get his advice on how to set achievable goals which will help motivate and inspire you. 

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    Mango chicken or turkey salad with avocado, kidney beans & blue cheese.

    It’s nearly Christmas! Yay! Now what to do with those pesky leftovers? HIF foodie, Helen from Scrummy Lane recommends to keep it simple and delicious with this leftover tasty chicken or turkey salad with avocado, kidney beans, sweet corn, blue cheese and mango chutney. Serve with toasted pita bread and you’ve got deliciousness on a plate.

    Category: Recipes
    10 Things You Can do to Help a Friend With Anxiety Over Christmas

    Do you have a friend or relative who suffers from anxiety? According to Mental Health Advisor Dr. Happy, "The Festive Season is, for many, a time of joy and happiness. But the Festive Season is also, for some, a stressful period during which unpleasant emotions such as depression, loneliness, stress and anxiety can become exaggerated and troublesome."  With this in mind, we caught up with Dr. Happy to get his top 10 tips for helping a friend with anxiety this Christmas. We hope you find them useful! 

    Category: Mental Health
    Teeth Whitening for Teenagers

    Is Teeth Whitening Safe for Teens? This is a question dental health professional Dr. Emma is being asked more and more frequently and according to Dr. Emma "The clinical aspects of whitening teenage teeth are very relevant, as there are some differences compared to adults which need to be considered.So is teenage whitening a good idea for you or your child? It can be done safely, but with caution." In this article, Dr. Emma discusses the risks associated with whitening and shares her advice on the best option to treat your teenager. 

    Category: Dental Health
    Is Your Child Stressed at School? 

    Negative emotions are normal aspects of life. In fact according to Dr. Happy, "We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t, sometimes, feel upset; including feeling anxious and stressed. In fact, stress and anxiety are human emotions; without which we probably would not have survived or evolved as a species. This is true for our children, just as it is for us as adults. So the question is - how do we determine when “normal” stress becomes “abnormal” and what can we do about it? In this article Dr. Happy offers his advice on the practical strategies we can implement if our children are excessively worrying or upset about school and/or its impact on their academic or social functioning. 

    Category: Mental Health
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