March 2016

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    The Best and Worst Carbs

    Carbohydrates – good, bad or evil? According to HIF health expert Susie Burrell, “They’ve certainly  received a lot of criticism over the past few years. Blamed for a variety of health issues ranging from obesity to neurological disorders, it’s important for us to remember that we’re talking about a humble grain or vegetable as opposed to a deadly virus that is ‘out to get us’...The issue is not carbs themselves but what humans do to them – it is the heavy processing that tends to strip our carbs of essential nutrients, and it is the processing that sees them digested far more rapidly than we would if we consumed them in their natural state”. So before you ditch all carbs from your diet, check out Susie’s latest article on our Healthy Lifestyle Blog. In it she discusses the best carbs for us nutritionally, and highlights the few that are better consumed occasionally.

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    Tropical Chocolate Granola

    Have you ever visited the supermarket and stared in bewilderment at the array  of “healthy” cereals available to purchase? Don’t worry, we do to. Which is why we’ve asked our resident food blogger, Helen from Scrummy Lane for her advice on a delicious yet nutritious homemade cereal. This “Tropical Chocolate Granola” dish combines healthy coconut oil, sweet honey, tropical nuts, fresh fruit and a handful of dark chocolate chips, which according to Helen will ensure – “we never buy sugar-laden store-bought granola again”.

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    Quinoa and Prawn Salad

    Did you know quinoa (Keen-wah) is the world’s most popular superfood? In fact, Authority Nutrition recently noted that, “2013 was named the “International Year of Quinoa” by the United Nations (UN) based on its high nutrient value and potential to contribute to food security worldwide.” With this in mind we thought we’d share this super healthy “Quinoa and Prawn Salad” from HIF health guru Susie Burrell’s Shape Me Plan. It’s a great alternative to heavier pastas or rice salads, and only contains 320 calories per serve! 

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