April 2016

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    Question for Susie - "How much cheese is too much cheese?"

    How much cheese is too much cheese? According to HIF health expert Susie Burrell, "Unfortunately, there is no escaping the fact that even though it tastes so good, nor whether it is feta, cheddar, Parmesan, ricotta or Brie - it is cheese, it is high in fat. However, nutritionally cheese has a number of positive qualities. While it does mean that you may need to limit your Bries and full strength cheddar's to special occasions, it does also mean that you can enjoy the lower fat ricotta and cottage cheeses more regularly and you do not need to ever revert to the bland low-fat varieties of cheese, which really do not taste much like real cheese at all." In this post, Susie answers a reader’s question by explaining how we can still enjoy cheese without having to worry about our waistlines. 

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    How to Adopt Intermittent Fasting the Right Way

    “Fasting diets”- we've all heard of them. In fact we've probably all tried one, but the question is do they work and more importantly are they safe? According to Susie, "Interest in the benefits of fasting continues to grow as evidence builds to show the significant health and weight benefits associated with actively restricting our kilojoule intake on a regular basis. While this may sound great in theory, the truth is that eating far, far less than we usually do is easier said than done." In this article, Susie discusses the importance of considering our energy demands before adopting this method and explains why a more sustainable approach may be all we need to give our bodies a metabolic kick start.

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    Dental Erosion

    What is tooth erosion and how is it caused? According to dental expert Dr Emma, "The process of tooth decay involves bacteria, (found in plaque), digesting the sugar we eat and turning it into acid. This acid then dissolves tooth structure, resulting in the holes we know as tooth decay. Erosion happens when acid finds its way directly into the mouth without the germs even needing to get involved." In this article, Dr Emma discusses the causes of tooth erosion and the changes we need to put in place to keep our teeth in tip top condition.

    Category: Dental Health
    Healthy Bacon Baked Eggs

    How does “bacon baked eggs” sound for breakfast? Yum – right! This delicious recipe provided by HIF health guru Susie Burrell combines crispy bacon, baked eggs, fresh leek and spinach with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. Even better it’s gluten-free, high-protein and full of energy to help fuel you for the day. Sounds like the perfect option for an indulgent weekend breakfast to us.

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    Superset Workouts

    Do you know what a super set workout is? According to our resident fitness guru, Matt Fuller, owner of Fuller Fitness Subiaco, “Super setting combines two types of exercises back to back. They can be the same muscle group or a different muscle group. For example, instead of doing the ‘normal’ three sets of 15 reps, why not try as many reps as you can possibly pump out until failure, then go straight to the next exercise and do the same before having one minute of recovery rest. This type of training is strenuous but very rewarding in terms of fat lose and muscle gain”. In this article, Matt explains the benefits of this type of training and offers his advice on how to keep our physical condition in tip-top-shape this Autumn.

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