June 2016

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    Roasted Butternut Squash and Tomato Soup

    Are you a fan of tomato soup, especially on a cold winter’s day? We certainly are, which is why we asked our resident food guru, Helen from Scrummy Lane for a warm and cheery recipe that all our fans can enjoy. This “Roasted butternut squash and tomato dish” combines roasted butternut squash, chopped onion and chicken stock with some health-boosting turmeric, fresh ginger, garlic and tomatoes. Even better, it only takes 30 minutes to make. Delicious! 

    Category: Recipes
    Spinal Health

    Do you live a sedentary lifestyle? If you’ve answered yes, it may be time to think about your overall health and well-being. According to Matt, owner of Fuller Fitness, “An inactive lifestyle can lead to many problems including back pain, poor flexibility, decreased mobility, joint pain, stiffness and poor cardiovascular function.” The good news, however, is that there are many forms of exercise which can help to keep our spines stronger in the years to come. In this article, Matt offers his advice on the training programs we can implement, and also explains the importance of good technique and form.

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    Sacred Sunday

    When did you last take time out for yourself? Whether it be relaxing at home, sleeping as long as you wanted to, enjoying some family time or simply switching off from all electronic equipment, the chances are you can't even remember, especially on a weekend. In fact, Susie says, "The demands of modern life mean that we now exist in a state of constant frenzy and are more likely to feel stressed, overwhelmed and far from flourishing come Monday morning." After seeing her clients experience feelings of exhaustion for many years, Susie recommends a "Sacred Sunday’ - a day, even just once a month in which we allocate ourselves nothing to do – a mini break to re-centre and find ourselves. In this article, Susie suggests some fun activities and explains the importance of enjoying the smaller things in life.

    Category: Nutrition
    Articles 1 to 9 of 9