August 2016

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    The Best Comfort Foods For Winter

    We all know that winter months usually mean thick socks, heater hugging and cosy nights in front of the TV. Regrettably though, Susie Burrell says, “These actions usually result in many of us going off track when it comes to our diet and lifestyle resolutions. Too much chocolate, training sessions skipped in favour of more doona time and plenty of comfort food often means one thing – weight gain. With this in mind (and considering Spring is only a few  weeks away) we thought we’d share this latest post from our Healthy Lifestyle Blog. In this article, Susie offers her advice on the food swaps we can make to ensure we can enjoy our favourite comfort foods, without the extra kilos to match. 

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    Shape Me by Susie Burrell

    Are you constantly juggling work, kids, long commutes and family pressures? Don't worry, you're not alone. According to Susie, "The constant time pressures and stressors in our lives mean that we're not an overly healthy bunch. Up to 60% of us are battling weight issues; more than 1 million of us have diabetes, and as we get older, most of us are getting heavier and less healthy." In this post, Susie talks about her 30 day Shape Me Plan and its aim to promote and maintain an easy and enjoyable weight loss program.

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    Keeping Your Smile Straight

    How long do I have to wear my retainers? If you’ve ever worn braces before, this is probably the first question you asked your dentist. According to Dr Emma. “After months and months of sporting dental hardware, it's not surprising that people are keen to have their mouths free of metal. The answer however; is pretty disappointing -  you need to wear your retainers for as long as you want your teeth to stay straight. Why? Well, essentially, retainers keep teeth from moving back into the position from which they started. Without being held in place by retainers, your post-braces teeth will drift back to the most natural position they can find.” In this article Dr Emma discusses the main differences between a fixed and removable retainer and explains why wearing one for life is the only way to keep our teeth straight after orthodontic treatment.


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    New Jet Ski Will Help Keep NSW Surfers Safer

    New South Wales surfers can rest a little easier now after HIF and Surfing NSW have deployed a dedicated shark monitoring jet-ski to oversee competitors in local waters. HIF Managing Director Graeme Gibson said,“We’re a coastal community where Australians love their water sports and surfing is one of the most popular activities. Our commitment is to help improve the safety of surfing participants. HIF is proud to support events that encourage healthy activity and surfing is one that is becoming more and more popular with participants of all ages, ranging from school age right through to the more mature, veteran surfers.”

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    Are you using your muscles or momentum when you work out?

    Did you know that using momentum during strength training can be counterproductive? According to our resident fitness guru, Claire, owner of LAFIT Studio, "Using momentum reduces tension on the muscles, reducing the effectiveness of the exercise and increasing your risk of injury." In this article, Claire discusses some simple principles on how to maximise our workouts. 


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