September 2016

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    Strawberry Pistachio Yogurt Popsicles

    Do you get sweet cravings after dinner? If you've answered yes, then why not try a 4-ingredient fruit popsicles instead? According to HIF food guru, Helen from Scrummy Lane, "These delicious popsicles include fresh strawberries, greek yogurt, crunchy pistachios and smooth honey – so there's certainly nothing to feel guilty about. You don't need to stop there either, as strawberries aren’t your only option. You can try blueberries, peaches, pineapple, and raspberries instead." We hope you enjoy! 

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    Has the Boot Been Put Into Boot Camps?

    Are boot camps now an exercise fad? According to HIF fitness blogger Matt Fuller, "My own view and opinion of boot camps is that a bigger brother has stepped in and taken over. By this I mean CrossFit - this sport and style of training has taken training  to a whole new level with its hard, intimidating and aggressive style of training. What we need to remember though is that fitness (and fads) will always evolve, but that doesn’t mean we should ever be discouraged." In this article, Matt explains the importance of confidence and focusing only on your own needs, wants and goals.

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    Articles 1 to 3 of 3