February 2017

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    Why Sleep is Vital for Your Mental Health, Happiness and Success

    Why are zzz’s so important for your overall health? According to Psychologist Dr. Happy, “The average Australian sleeps one hour less each night than what they need - this sort of sleep deprivation is a massive problem. Why? Well, lack of sleep doesn’t just lead to tiredness; it has also been found to be associated with impaired cognitive functioning (thinking), difficulty concentrating and remembering, poorer decision-making, moodiness and relationship problems, increased risk of cardiovascular problems and even weight gain." The good news, however, is that there are steps you can take to ensure you get good quality sleep that will improve your physical and mental health. In this article, Dr. Happy provides his top 10 tips to get a better nights sleep. 

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    How to Motivate Yourself Towards Your Goals

    Have you ever found yourself setting your ideal fitness goals but not actually mustering up the motivation to follow them through? Don't worry you're not alone, this is something our resident fitness expert Matt Fuller has seen many times, according to Matt "Self-belief is power. Believe you can make a positive change and that way you will stay focussed and be on-track to succeed. Keeping your goals and working towards your results takes discipline, mental strength and a touch of arrogance. First work out your plan and leave the desired result out for the moment." In this article, Matt provides his advice on how to create a plan to motivate yourself and the benefits you can gain. 

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    How to Travel For Work and Keep Your Diet on Track

    Is travelling your dietary downfall? According to Susie, "If you regularly jet set around the country for work you will know how difficult it can be to keep your diet on track. Plane food, airports, hotels and conferences are just some of the locations which can make finding fresh, nutritious and carb controlled foods very difficult." With this in mind, Susie provides her six simple steps to help keep our diets on the healthy track when working away from home. 

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    5-Ingredient Raw Chocolate Orange Truffles (With Video)

    Are you a fan of chocolate truffles? If you've answered yes, then you'll adore these guilt-free raw treats. Combining crunchy cashews, fresh orange juice, pitted dates, dried sultanas, and raw cacao – these tasty snacks are guaranteed to satisfy any chocolate craving. For recipe instruction, check out this short video demo from our very own food guru Helen. 

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    Dealing With Loneliness

    Loneliness - what exactly is it? According to Dr Happy, "It is one of the most significant contributors to poor health and disability. Unfortunately, it is on the rise and the remedy is not as simple as finding more friends or spending more time with others. In this article, Dr. Happy offers his advice on how to deal with loneliness and the importance of appreciating the loved ones in our lives. 

    Category: Mental Health
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