Does Walking Equal Weight Loss?


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What exercises do you suggest for older people? For example females aged between 60-65. I already walk for 30 minutes each morning, but feel that I need to do some other exercise to help my fitness and my weight. Thanks Sandra, WA.

Thank you for your question Sandra. I think it is great you are out walking for a half hour every morning, what a fantastic way to start your day.

Walking, whilst very good for you tends not to be the most effective for weight loss. I certainly don’t want you to stop doing your morning walk but let us look at making it more beneficial in respect of weight loss.

According to USA TODAY High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is said to be the biggest trend in fitness for 2014. The main reason for its popularity is it is the most effective use of exercise when wanting to lose body fat. It actually has been around for decades but for some reason recently it has become very popular. Its attractiveness is also enhanced by the fact HIIT is very short in duration when compared to other types of fitness training.

Previously I did wrote a post Burn Fat Fast With HIIT which will give you all the details on the how and why of HIIT. I think I might take that we at HIF are trendsetters.

Sandra it is important I give you tips on the practical application of HIIT and show you can incorporate it into your lifestyle. Your morning walk, like I said is a great start to your day.  HIIT is all about very short, intense bursts of high intensity movement. For example Sandra, when out for your walk, decide before hand to include 8 repetitions of 30 seconds of the fastest walking you are able to do.  Between each 30 second burst allow time to recover so as your next burst can be again near, or as close to near, maximum effort. This way you still do your morning walk but you have ADDED the stimulus HIIT can have on fat burning. The science behind HIIT can become complicated but its application is very simple and the effect is profound.

Sandra I have included a HIIT training video I did which at just 4 minutes, is based on a very popular style of HIIT called Tabata Training. This simple, do at home video will provide you an alternative to HIIT other than walking. I invite you to watch this video first before trying the movements for your safety and education. I hope you enjoy it! 

Thanks again for your question and let me know if you having anything further.

Wishing you great health and much happiness,

Important: This article is general advice only. For further advice or information on this topic, please consult your health professional.
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