The Importance of Recovery


You can never over-train, but you can under-recover. It’s a saying I’ve always followed, especially during my competitive sporting days.

Each year more and more people are training for ocean swim races, as well as a number of fun runs and cycling events that are held around the country. It’s a fantastic way to keep yourself motived and mentally and physically fit, as well as raising much needed funds for various charities.

But we need to give our bodies time to recover before we get too excited and embark upon our next challenge. After the emotional high of an event, you will look and feel great, and will be buzzing with excitement at the achievement of your feat. Before thinking about your next challenge though, think ahead and take my advice, slow down and allow yourself to fully recover whilst enjoying the moment.

In the past I’ve not always taken my own advice and have at times, become both mentally and physically drained when I’ve not allowed myself enough time to recover. After my recent fitness challenge (which involved 24 hours non-stop on an ergo grinder) this time i listened to my body and after the event and took a full 2 weeks off training. This allowed me to recover fully before resuming my normal exercise program and I found the benefits included:

  • Allowing time for soft tissue damage to repair
  • Aches and pains dissipated
  • Physically feeling fresh and relaxed
  • Mentally feeling ready to set new goals without negativity

During my 2 weeks off, I had plenty of sleep, had ice baths with sauna and spas, along with massages and physio sessions to iron out sore body spots. My recovery plan worked to a treat. After a 2 week layoff I felt invigorated, fresh, ready to resume training and set new and realistic health and fitness goals.

Therefore you can see that a post-event program is just as important to plan for and execute with the same dedication and commitment as the actual event. By looking after your body in terms of preparation and post-care, you are less likely to suffer injury and your body should reward you, enabling you to bounce back for your next challenge.

Your health and fitness is a lifestyle choice. Until next time, 

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Important: This article is general advice only. For further advice or information on this topic, please consult your health professional.
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