Interview with QLD Surfer Holly-Daze Coffey


Hailing from a family of surfers, 17 year old Holly-Daze Coffey​ has quickly established herself as "one to watch" on the Australian surfing competition circuit. As she continues to push the boundaries of performance surfing, we caught up with Holly for a quick chat about her favourite morning ritual and how she maintains a healthy lifestyle.  Here's what she told us...

Hi Holly, thanks for chatting with us today. Can you tell us how your typical day starts? There’s not a day goes by where I won’t start it without checking the surf, my emails and grabbing a coffee from my local cafe.


What's your favourite type of coffee? Skinny cap, extra hot, half strength with two sugars.

As a professional surfer, what's your ultimate career goal? To eventually qualify for the Women’s World Tour. While I’m having fun with where I am now, I’m always striving to achieve my future aspirations.

What's your favourite surf destination? I love checking the surf at Duranbah (NSW) from point lookout. It’s one of my favourite waves to surf but Snapper is my home break. It’s hard to beat a perfect right hand wave that runs for over 100 metres.


What's your favourite board manufacturer? My favourite board is my Simmo 5’7”. It's perfect for me in those long right hand waves at Snapper.



How do you maintain your healthy lifestyle? I’ve tried different training regimes, but I find that all water based training works best for me. Whether it’s surfing, swimming or free diving, I find that being in the water has the most impact on improving my surfing.



Follow Holly on Instagram - @hollydazecoffeyyy | Photos provided by Surfing Queensland

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