How To Make Fitness Fun?


I have been working as a Fitness Coach for over twenty years. Before the occupation Personal Trainer was created, and long before nearly every park and beach in the country had groups of people flipping tyres, carrying heavy ropes and getting yelled at military style by a fresh faced youthful fitness graduate.

I’m what you would call ‘old school’ and this is reflected in the fact I call myself a Fitness Coach not a Personal Trainer. I like to coach people on how to get fit not actually train them to get fit. When you think about it, a one hour session with anybody isn’t going to get anyone fit. You may have the best Personal Trainer in the world but within 1 hour there’s only so much work you can do, and your improvement will reflect it. That’s how I see personal training, a brief acute stimulus with a short benefit. To coach is to teach, motivate, educate and inspire the person to live a life where fitness training is an enjoyable on-going part of their regular life. 

Over the years I have developed my own personal style of fitness coaching, and from this have been able to create what I call my bnatural Core Fitness Principles. These principles are my guide when constructing fitness programs for people, and I’ve consistently seen them create healthy, fit bodies. If you align your own fitness training with my principles, I’m confident to say you will enjoy the benefits you deserve.

FAST: intensity is key, but be safe
STRONG: we don’t want skinny we want strong
FUN: you’ll never do it if you don’t enjoy it
BENDY: flexible muscle is strong, energy giving muscle
REST: if you don’t rest, you don’t 


My principles are not in order of importance, however I feel one of them does over-ride any of the others if your fitness training is going to become part of your regular life. And that is, FUN. We are pleasure seeking and pain avoiding creatures, it is how are brains are hard wired. If your chosen tool for getting fit makes you feel sick just thinking about it, chances are slim you will continue.

For example, me, I hate going into gyms. Can’t stand it, running indoors overlooking a pool on a treadmill is not my idea of a good time. That’s just me; others love the comfort, the safety, the atmosphere of gyms, we are all different which is great. The point is, if you’re doing something physical you actually enjoy doing, the likelihood of you continuing is much higher than not. 

For example, we live in Australia so going for a walk on the beach, for most people is do-able . The majority of people enjoy that, it is a pleasurable and fun experience. That’s fitness training, include a stretch on the sand,  a quick body weight strength set , and you have ticked off some of my fitness principles for success. 

Getting outside is just one way of making your fitness training fun. I have picked up some more from a great article I read by Dave Smith of

  1. Grab a buddy – doing it with a friend, great way to catch up and connect with a mate
  2. Join a class – nothing like some positive peer pressure to boost performance
  3. Crank the tunes – everything is better with your favourite playlist
  4. Do something new – loves this. Try an activity you never have before, scary but fun.
  5. Be rewarded – who doesn’t like a present. Give yourself one after you hit your goal.

Motivation is a funny thing, what appears to motivate one barely causes a ripple in another. Having fun seems to a very effective vehicle which generates energy for most people. I’m always looking for ways to make my own training fun, I’d encourage you to do the same.

Wishing you great health and much happiness,

Important: This article is general advice only. For further advice or information on this topic, please consult your health professional.
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