Over-Indulging At Christmas


Christmas is a great time of year to enjoy the company of family and friends. It’s not the time though, to be slackening off completely, over-indulging and letting all the hard work you’ve put into your health and fitness over the year come undone. By all means, enjoy yourself and slow down, but don’t stop. Moderation is the key. Mix your training routines up. Shorten the sessions but intensify them to get the maximum benefit from your workouts. It’s ok to take a break from your normal training environment. Don’t underestimate the value of a brisk walk as an additional way to burn extra calories this time of the year. With so many beautiful parks and beaches within our communities we are lucky to be spoilt for choice when it comes to outdoor training options. 

Having a positive attitude towards your own wellbeing will leave you in good stead to kick start the New Year. As a professional sportsman and fitness trainer, I too need to vary my workout routines during this time to keep me mentally fresh and motivated. Being a father of 2, my family and I are very active and love the offer of the great outdoors, the beaches, parks, boating and cycling options available to us. I find staying active does not mean you have to pump iron or visit the sweat shop. For me, it means not becoming sedentary, lying around the house (especially in the comfort of air-conditioning during our summer) and forming bad habits. 

Be consistent with your own training and you will be grateful come January. I always try and set myself realistic goals around this time of year and stick to them. You need to remember that being fit and healthy is a lifestyle choice. Speaking of choices, think about your work place, office or other Christmas parties  you’ll be attending this year and make the conscious decision to try not to eat off the food trays that are passed around, you are just adding unwanted calories to your diet that you wouldn’t normally be tempted with. Remember simple things like drinking plenty of water during the day. Not only will it help you feel fuller but the added bonus is you’ll be hydrated if you do decide to enjoy a few drinks. Stay in control of yourself, that way you will not lose your fitness and will be able to keep your waistline in check while still managing to enjoy the fun of the festive season.

Your health and fitness is a lifestyle choice. Until next time, 

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Important: This article is general advice only. For further advice or information on this topic, please consult your health professional.
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