Interview with Victorian Indigenous Surf Champion Jordie Campbell


As the final preparations for the 2015 Australian Indigenous Surfing Title competition get underway we caught up with 2014 Victorian Surfing Champion, Jordie Campbell, to chat about his preparations. Here's what he told us...

Can you talk us though your morning ritual? My normal morning ritual involves waking up about 15 minutes before light, look out my window to see what the winds and weather are doing and then head down to the kitchen to make my self a light breakfast. While eating breakfast I’ll log into Coastalwatch to check the surf cams and reports. After breakfast I'll grab a couple of board’s out of the shed, jump into the car, grab a coffee and go chasing waves for the rest of the day.

Home break? I grew up surfing at Sandy Point just near Wilsons Prom (in South Gippsland), but recently I have moved to Torquay and now mostly surf the points at Bells and Winki.

What is your go-to pre surf breakfast and post surf snack? My pre-surf breakfast is normally oats with chia seeds, goji berry’s, cinnamon, honey and coconut milk. My post surf snack is normally a banana and a bottle of water or juice.         

How do you warm up and warm down? My pre-surf warm up normally involves stretching on the beach before I paddle out loosening up my muscles and joints. I normally focus on my knees, hips and back as I’ve had trouble with them in the past. My post surf warm down, normally involves trying to warm back up after surfing cold windy Victorian waters especially in the colder months. 

How to do you keep healthy and surf fit through out the year? I like to eat healthy throughout the year as I find if I put junk food into my body it reflects badly on the rest of my life, being sick, feeling lethargic and just not surfing well in general. I also like to keep active when there isn’t surf, whether it’s going for runs, hiking, swimming, SUP-ing and yoga. Pretty much anything to kill the boredom between surfs.

What are your plans for the year? I’ve got the Australian Indigenous Titles coming up in the end of may at Bells Beach so my main focus in getting ready for them. The week after Aussies I’m flying over to Peru to spend the winter traveling around South America chasing waves and checking out the sights. The end of August I fly back to Australia to start my new full time position at Surfing Victoria as one of the two Indigenous aquatics officers. So then it will be back to full time work running and organising programs until the Christmas break where I'll probably do a road trip somewhere. 

Follow Holly on Instagram - @jordie_c | Photograph provided by Surfing Victoria

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