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Hi Brian. I’ve put on some weight recently and it’s all gone straight to my hips and thighs – yuck! What exercises can you recommend to tone my thighs and get rid of my muffin top. Thanks, Nicola from Carlisle (WA)

Hi Nicola, thanks for your question.

First up there’s one important fact I’d like to teach you and that’s ‘you can’t spot reduce’. This means doing a specific exercise for a part of your body will not result in that part of your body losing body fat. Nicola you’ll tone the underlying muscle and improve the appearance of that part of your body, but losing body fat is as a result of improving nutrition, increasing your movement and reducing lifestyle stress.

With the above in mind I do have a series of movements I’ve used with my clients for excellent results in terms of toning the hip area. I’ve done a quick video for you to follow. The exercises are very simple and can be done anywhere, even at home. Aim to do them every second day for quick results and work the exercise until you feel a deep burn in the muscles you’re using.

Here’s a quick description of the movements involved:

First you’ll be on your hands and knees and do two exercises:

  • Bent Leg Hip Lift – this will isolate the muscles in your bottom
  • Straight Leg Hip Lift – again this will work your bottom but also the muscles in the back of your leg, the hamstring.

Then you’ll turn over and do one exercise:

  • Lying Hip lift – this one targets the muscles in your bottom and works your lower back also

Next it’s into standing pose for:

  • Backward Lunges – very effective for whole leg but they do focus on the muscles of the front of your leg and your bottom again.

Last one:

  • Squats with a Jump – to finish off the whole leg and get them working as a team, this exercise is great for toning and giving your legs a more athletic shape.

I hope you ‘enjoy’ them Nicola,  and thanks again for the question.

Here’s the clip! Butt blasters in less than 5 minutes.

Wishing you great health and much happiness,

Important: This article is general advice only. For further advice or information on this topic, please consult your health professional.
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