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Jerome Forrest is a West Australian local talent and a regular competitor on the World Surf League ( WSL) World Qualifying Series, which means he spends most of the year jetting around the globe to compete for valuable points to earn a coveted position on the WSL World Championship Tour (WCT). As the winner of the first HIF Pro Am Series for 2015, Jerome recently scored a position as a trialist for the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro. We caught up with him at the event to find out how a professional surfer can maintain a healthy morning ritual.

Hi Jerome, thanks for chatting with us today. Can you talk us through your daily morning ritual? I’ll wake up pretty early and make a smoothie with a bunch of fruit and granola. Then I’ll have a warm shower, call some local friends and head down to the Rivermouth at Margaret River for a coffee. We can see the waves and conditions from there, which will give us an idea of where to surf for the morning. Grunters car park above Gas Bay is around the corner form where we live, so we will usually check the waves and make a decision from there. We normally surf out the front of Gas Bay as it’s close to home and offers a bit of variety, like barrels and turns. If it’s good I’ve usually got boards in the car, but then I’ll head home and have a roll on the roller to stretch out and maybe watch a movie to get amped for a second surf. Before heading out I’ll do five to ten minutes of movement stretches to warm up the body. After a second surf I’ll come in and have something more substantial for lunch or morning tea, then we like to head to the Margaret River Bakery as the girls there look after us!

Home break? Gas Bay, I live around the corner. If there are waves we’ll go there, but it depends. A lot of the time we’re heading up to Gracetown because there is a nice little stretch there called Lefthanders. It’s really good for turns, airs and high performance surfing. If neither of those spots are working we have a fair few other options in the region to try, which works out well and the constant variety is good for my surfing.
What is your go-to pre surf breakfast and post surf snack? Breakfast is usually pretty early for me so I’ll have a smoothie with bananas, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, goji berries, milk and granola. That keeps me going through to about ten or eleven o’clock. Post surf I’ll come in and have something a little more substantial, but if we’re planning to surf again I’ll keep it really light. Especially when I’m competing, I avoid bloating and have something that will keep me light on my feet. I also stay really hydrated throughout the morning and drink lots of water.
How do you warm up and warm down? Warm up is five to ten minutes of movement stretching to really get the muscles limber. If I’m free surfing I won’t generally warm down, I’ll just head home for a rest. If I’m in competition mode, surfing heat after heat, I’m more focused on keeping my limbs and muscles warm through out the day. I’ll be continually stretching in between heats to keep my limbs and muscles warm to avoid pulling muscles, injuries or just going into the heat stiff.
How to do you keep healthy and surf fit through out the year? I’m training 2-3 times per week, doing a mixture of everything from core strength training to running to swimming. Mixing it up and keeping the workout fresh is key and obviously I’m doing a lot of surfing everyday. I also have a physiotherapist and massage therapist in town who I try to see at least once a month to get a check up, especially if my muscles are tight. If I’m at an event or competing I’d be seeing a physio or masseuse every two to three ours depending how my body is coping and what’s needed.
What are your plans for the year? I was away for start of the year for the Australian leg of the World Qualifying Series (WQS) and I’ve been home for about a month. More recently I had the trials for the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro and the next event will be in July in Mexico. After one more event in the US I’ll head back to the South West for a weeks to change boards and cruise, before heading over to Europe for six weeks. The European leg is really good, I’ve been doing that for the past few years, it’s four back to back events so I really enjoy it.
Thanks for chatting Jerome and good luck on the WQS!
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