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The topic of health insurance has been debated heavily in the media in recent months, and while most people understand the importance of Private Hospital Cover, the benefits of Extras Cover are sometimes less obvious. With this mind we asked Matt for his advice on the benefits of Extras Cover when it comes to fitness training and recovery. Here’s what he told us...   

Have you ever heard the saying, “One cannot over-train, just under-recover”? 

For many people, training consistently over a long period of time can often lead to soft tissue or muscular aches and pains. It simply comes with the territory, and is perfectly normal. In the fitness world those of us that do train often need to regularly put our bodies “over the pits”- a health and wellness tune-up if you like. This regenerates our body physically and mentally to maintain a balanced lifestyle without the greater risk of injury or physical and mental fatigue.

Over the years I have trained a lot of people who exercise regularly year in year out, which is a fantastic discipline. But at times as a trainer, I can tell if a person is overdue for an overhaul, a bit of self-pampering and/or some maintenance work to help their mind and body.

One of the first things I ask in this situation is whether or not my client has health cover. More often than not the answer is “yes” followed with the question “but why”? I point out that if you maximise the use of your health cover with the range of fantastic benefits you have access to “anytime” it will greatly assist in the maintaining and recovery of soft tissue damage - when used as part of a regular maintenance program.

Three benefit options you may have access to that spring to mind from a physical training point of view are:

All are essential in keeping the body feeling great, refreshed and in-tune with your lifestyle. Let’s have a more in-depth look at the three and the benefits you could expect to feel from each.

Remedial massage

There are many different types of massages however these are more accurately described as techniques. For example: deep tissue, reflexology, aromatherapy, and so on. Back and neck pain are probably the most common areas where people may feel discomfort from over-use due to sports and exercise related injuries. There are many great benefits for having a massage that include:

  • Anatomical and physiological changes that occur during massage
  • Emotional release
  • It really can “iron out the knots” through various trigger points
  • Restores well-being and balance to the body with a sense of vitality so we can continue doing simply what we love

Chiropractic Care

Our spinal column is made up of 24 independent vertebrae which allow our body to move and twist and bend through every motion as we work and play throughout our lives. A functioning spine is paramount in aiding our active lifestyle. When our back (or two or more vertebrae) aren’t functioning together properly it causes great stress on us physically and mentally in the form of pain, discomfort and lack of mobility due to joint stiffness. Some of the great benefits you will gain from regular chiropractic care could include:

  • Improved joint motion and coordination
  • Improved physical function and performance
  • Greater posture from being realigned
  • May aid in the relief of back pain and neck pain
  • Relief from joint discomfort
  • Relieving stress and tension throughout your body.


Physiotherapists are often seen for orthopaedic disorders such as back and neck pain, joint dysfunctions, arthritis and pre and post-operative procedures that are necessary to maximise functional independence. Often injury may occur during training and playing sport or from illness, abnormal muscle tone and muscle weakness in the body. A physiotherapist is invaluable in correcting these issues and some of the benefits may include:

  • Improved overall strength
  • A greater range of motion and mobility
  • Joint mobilisation to reduce stiffness - aiding in reduced pain and swelling
  • Improving your gait (the way we walk or run).
  • Did you also know in addition to covering chiro, physio and remedial massage services, HIF will also pay a benefit on gym memberships? By supporting healthy lifestyles, health fund members are encouraged to take a proactive approach to improving their general health and wellbeing. After all, healthy members make fewer claims which results in better long term benefits and lower premiums.

So remember - looking after yourself is not just about exercise and diet, it’s about maintaining a balanced lifestyle physically, mentally and spiritually. If you’re in the process of reviewing your health insurance, or taking out cover for the first time, it’s important to think about the services that matter most to you. They will help to improve your quality of life (when used as part of your overall ongoing self-maintenance program) and play a huge part in managing or even preventing the severity of future health issues.

Your health and fitness is a lifestyle choice. Until next time, 

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Important: This article is general advice only. For further advice or information on this topic, please consult your health professional.
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