Surviving a Party With Your Weight Intact


Chances are, you have already been invited to a few end-of-year parties or holiday celebrations and we all know what kinds of foods are served at these events – high fat finger foods and canapés - chips, dips, fried pastries and snacks that can contain as many as 200 calories in a single serve.

Now, if we indulged once or twice a year this would be no issue, but the truth is that we can have several events every single week that serve this type of finger food; And very quickly, our weight can feel the impact. So before the party season hits full swing, here are the secrets to surviving a shindig with a 1,000 extra calories on board. 

The number one secret to controlling your intake in these challenging environments is to never, ever arrive at a function hungry. Make it a priority to grab a filling snack such as a protein snack, nut bar or cheese and crackers an hour or two before you head out to take the edge off your hunger so that you do not find yourself over eating these high fat snacks.

Another trick is to always order a soda or sparking water when you first arrive. Not only will this help to control your alcohol intake but you will eat less when you are hydrating and sipping on some water for the first 10-20 minutes of any event. 

Next, make a concerted effort to limit your portions. Just 3-5 canapés equates to as many calories as an entire meal and simply knowing this may be all you need to keep a tab on things. One option is to say ‘no’ to offerings every second time they do the rounds, another to stand well away from any food being served or to get into a habit of enjoying in one or two canapés that you particularly like. The funny thing is that often we are eating snacks not because we love them or are particularly hungry, rather simply because they are offered to us. 

Finally but most importantly remember that even though you have not officially had ‘dinner’, between the canapés and the alcohol from a calorie perspective you probably have. For this reason, even you are still hungry later in the evening resist the urge to stop in at the local takeaway or fast food restaurant and instead keep some low calorie soups on hand to fill your tummy with some real nutrition before you hit the sack. 

Christmas calorie counter (per piece)

  • 150 - Chicken Wing
  • 125 - Chicken Skewer
  • 120 - Party Pies
  • 120 - Sausage Rolls
  • 110 - Mini Quiche
  •   80 - Cheese Triangle
  •   40 - Sushi

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