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The term “superfood” has been used to label foods thought to have superior nutritional properties for a number of years now. While any fresh foods generally offer some nutritional benefits, there is no doubt that there are a few foods in particular that offer a number of positive health properties which warrant them being included in the diet regularly, in the right amounts. 


The medicinal properties of chili have been documented for thousands of years. Chilli contains powerful chemicals known as capsaicinoids which increase cell activity, which as a result, sees small increases in metabolic rate. Adding chilli to as many foods as you can such as soups, salad dressings or in pastas and stir fries will give you an extra burn naturally depending on how hot you can handle your chilli. 

Green tea

Green tea is exceptionally high in antioxidants but it is also thought to result in a slight increase in fat burning. Aim for a cup after each of your meals for maximal benefit. 

Soy and linseed bread

Soy and linseed bread is not only a low GI choice of bread but it is a rich source of the long chain polyunsaturated fats that most of us need more of in our diet. Aim for soy and linseed bread to be your bread of choice where possible and get the kids eating this type of bread when they are young to promote a life long habit. 


Just ten walnuts provides a massive dose of long chain polyunsaturated fats known to optimize the composition of the cell wall, which can allow our fat burning hormones to work better. 


Not often considered one of the core superfoods, the rich nutrient density of a humble piece of steak means that it ticks a number of boxes from a weight loss perspective. Many people eliminate red meat from their diet when they start a weight loss plan but lean red meat is once of the richest sources of iron, zinc and Vitamin B12 which are all crucial for optimal energy production, particularly for active people. Aim for 100g of lean red meat 2-3 times each week as you focus on your weight loss goals. 


Seaweed may seem to be a strange addition to the list, but seaweed is one of the few foods that is a rich source of the mineral iodine, which is crucial for optimal thyroid, and as a result, metabolic functioning. Iodine is thought to be lacking in many Australians’ diets as our soil is relatively low in this key nutrient. A serve of seaweed 2-3 times each week in sushi or other Asian dishes is a great way to give your metabolism a great boost of iodine.


Susie Burrell

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