What To Eat Today...And Where?


Imagine how much easier life would be if you had someone constantly by your side to tell you what the best thing to eat was – no more poring over menus, or deciphering nutritional panels in an attempt to make good food decisions that will help to keep your body in tip top shape. Never fear, AWF is about to make things a whole lot easier for you. 



At the airport

No matter what time of the day or night it is, you will see people scoffing down food at the airport. Now considering that we are likely to be sitting for an extended period of time if we are flying anywhere and not burning many calories at all, the truth is that we are unlikely to need many calories when we are about to fly either. For this reason, as a general rule of thumb, go light with your airport food choices and do your best in tracking down some slightly healthy salad or vegetable options. 

  • The best options – turkey or chicken salad wraps, sushi, salads and low fat smoothies.
  • Stay away from – any form of fast food including fries, burgers, fried chicken and heavy sandwiches packed with cheese, avocado and large serves of protein. 

At the movies

The movies give many of us a chance to indulge a little and for some of us it may be one of the few times in which treats such as popcorn and choc tops are enjoyed. Size is the most crucial thing to consider at the movies as it is not a necessity to upsize drinks and popcorn. Keeping in mind that you will consume as much as you are served no matter how hungry you are, keep your orders of popcorn and soft drink small and avoid multipacks of everything. 

  • The best options – small popcorn, diet soft drink, choc top, tea with a macaroon or biscotti.
  • Stay away from – jumbo popcorn containers, multipacks of lollies, extra large packets of potato chips and chocolates. 

At the café

Café food can be a healthy option but it can also be far worse than a fast food meal depending on what you choose from the menu. Hamburgers, Turkish bread toasties and sandwiches, quiches, milkshakes and pasta dishes may look relatively healthy but are packed with fat and calories. On the other sand, wraps, salads and frittatas may be appealing yet healthy options.

  • The best options – lamb or beef salads, wraps with salad and lean meat, plain steak sandwiches and frittata or filo pastries with salad.
  • Stay away from – sides of fries, milkshakes, pasta dishes, club sandwiches and quiche.  

At the food court

If there is one place that over consumption is encouraged it is within a food court. Rather than enter a food court and then surveying the options before making a decision about what to order, one of the best things you can do to keep your diet on track is to decide the type of food you should order before you are enticed by less nutritious options. Once you have narrowed down your options, it will be much easier to seek out something healthy than risk the lure of tasty but high fat menu options

  • The best options – sashimi, grilled fish or chicken with Greek salad, vegetable salads, wraps, naked burrito, chicken strips or plain stir fries and skip the rice. 
  • Stay away from – Fast food burgers, fried noodles, burritos, kebabs, frozen yoghurt, French fries and meal deals of any description. 

When you get home late

You know the feeling, you have been away from home for more than 12 hours; you are tired, hungry and the only thing you can even consider preparing for dinner is a bowl of breakfast cereal or a slice of toast. Unfortunately many of our late night food options are high in carbohydrates, which are more likely to be stored when we consume them late in the day. For this reason, if you work late regularly, try and keep some quick cook, protein and vegetable rich options on hand to avoid a carb overload late at night. 

  • The best options – frozen vegetables with tuna, omelette, protein shake or baked beans.
  • Stay away from – toast, breakfast cereal, ice cream, rice and pasta. 

@ 4pm

If you have eaten your lunch early in the afternoon, it is natural to feel hungry 2-3 hours later which can explain the 3pm munchies for many of us. The main issue that occurs when we snack at this time is that we tend to look for high sugar, high carbohydrate food options that help to restore our blood glucose levels quickly but which fail to keep us full until dinner time. For this reason, choosing a protein rich 4pm snack is essential if your goal is to control your weight and your hunger. 

  • The best options – nut based snack bar, ½ cup Greek yoghurt with fruit, corn cakes with cottage cheese or a protein bar with fruit
  • Stay away from – carbohydrate rich snacks such as muesli bars, biscuits, chips and chocolate. 

When you are bloated

People can feel bloated for a range of different reasons – too much fibre, not enough fluid, high consumption of gas producing vegetables, or not enough movement just a few of the common causes. When you are trying to rid yourself of the bloat quickly, as a rule of thumb stick to light, water rich food options that will move through the digestive tract quickly. Foods high in the nutrient potassium also help to bind excessive sodium in the body which can help to reduce bloating as can yoghurts which contain live cultures or probiotics.

  • The best options – leafy green vegetables, celery, herbal tea and yoghurt.
  • Stay away from – bread, pastries, fried food, red meat, pasta and noodles and high salt foods. 

When you are hung over

We know what causes the symptoms but that does not necessarily help as we battle the effects of a hangover. Pounding heads, dry mouth, nausea and churning stomachs take some time to recover and one of the best things you can do to make yourself feel better as quickly as possible is to try and eat something, as many of the symptoms are caused by low blood glucose levels. Rehydration is also crucial so focus on electrolyte rich fluid including sports drinks and rehydrating solutions to get you back to your best ASAP. 

  • The best options – sports drink, Vitamin water, eggs and toast with vegemite spread, dry crackers.
  • Stay away from – dairy food and creamy dishes.

Susie Burrell

Please note: This blog aims to supply user-friendly nutrition information for busy people without comprising on food taste and quality but should be used as a guide only and not in place of advice from your own dietitian or medical specialist. For further information on this topic, please consult your health professional. The content of this blog, including attachments, may be privileged and confidential. Any un-authorised use of this content is expressly prohibited. Any views that are expressed in this message are those of the individual sender, except where the sender expressly, and with authority, states them to be the views of Susie Burrell Pty Ltd.
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