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Hi Susie, I am a 71 year old male - 180cm and 66kg. My weight has never changed and I am about to have an MRI and prostate biopsy for suspected cancer. I am on Karvea for slightly high blood pressure, warfarin for clots on my right lung from an unknown origin and I also have ostorperosis. I do weights and exercise daily. Do you have any dietary advice please? I take fish oil and calcium magnesium and also make fresh fruit and vegetable juices. I love listening to you on 2GB! Regards, Paul (NSW).

Hi Paul, 

There is a growing body of research investigating the effect of diet and the management of prostate cancer.

My advice would be to eat plenty of brightly coloured fresh fruits & vegetables. At least 1-2 serves of orange/red fruits or vegetables such as beetroot, red capsicum, carrots and sweet potato. I would also recommend at least 1 serving of leafy greens such as kale, spinach or broccoli.

Another prostate super nutrient is lycopene which is found in cooked tomatoes so load up on these. Juicing is a good idea as well as eating plenty of wholegrains and seeds. Foods rich in omega 3 fat are also thought to be beneficial so aim for a serve of walnuts a day, oily fish at least every second day and use sesame or sunflower oil for cooking.

It is also a good idea to keep your red meat intake to a minimum and get plenty of rest.

Best wishes for your MRI scan.


Susie Burrell

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