Wholegrains - Healthy or Not?


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Are wholegrains good or bad for you? I was brought up believing they were really good, but now I am reading more and more about how detrimental they are to your health. I have also heard that sprouted wholegrains are much better than non-sprouted however should still be taken in absolute moderation. Is this true? Thanks Anne (WA)

Hi Anne, 

Wholegrains such as quinoa, brown rice, barley and oats offer a number of nutritional advantages over more refined grains such as white rice as they contain higher amounts of fibre, Vitamin E and a number of other minerals. 

Wholegrains also generally have a lower GI which means that they are digested much more slowly then refined grains, which means a lower insulin response, which is more conducive to weight control long term.

While some people may be intolerant to some of the sugars found in wholegrains, usually they are the better option nutritionally. Signs you may have an issue with these sugars include bloating and gas but this can also be caused by a wide range of other foods including some fruits, vegetables and legumes.

Sprouted wholegrains may have slightly high nutrient content but are difficult to find and you will get a lot of the nutritional benefits whether the wholegrains are sprouted or not.


Susie Burrell

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