Do You Add Lemon to Your Water in the Morning?


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Hi Susie, I include a slice of lemon in every glass of water I take. Is this too much? I've heard too much lemon can cause tooth erosion. Thanks, Natalie, NT

Unfortunately there is not a definite marker that determines how much acid is too much for the teeth to be exposed to. The main thing is to allow the tooth enamel to repair after it is exposed to acidic substances such as soft drink, citrus and juices.

Firstly, always rinse your mouth with water immediately after consuming the acidic substance and if possible, consume some milk or cheese immediately after consuming the acidic foods to help neutralise the acid. Another option is to chew sugar free gum after eating as the gum helps to produce saliva which also helps to strengthen teeth by exposing it to essential minerals.

In the case of the apple cider vinegar, some people find that supplementing their diet with a glass in the morning may have positive effects on blood glucose levels, but as it is still exposing the teeth to acid, again you are best to eat some dairy and rinse your mouth as soon as you can after you consume it.

Finally, after exposing the teeth to acid, try and avoid brushing your teeth for at least an hour after eating as to not further cause erosion.


Susie Burrell

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