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“Hi Susie, I don’t like any seafood at all. What other foods can I eat to get the same/equivalent level of nutrients? Thanks Lynsey, NSW”. 

Hi Lynsey, 

Seafood is generally a lean source of protein but oily fish also offers high amounts of the long chain omega 3 fats and all seafood also offers Vitamin D, Vitamin A and the minerals selenium, zinc, iodine and a small amount of iron. While seafood is extremely nutritious, you can get these nutrients from a range of other fresh foods. Zinc and iron are found in red meat, with smaller amounts in eggs.
Wholegrains also have small amounts of iron and zinc. Vitamins A and D are found in full cream dairy foods while a couple of brazil nuts each day will tick your box for selenium. Iodine is a little more challenging, if you like seaweed this is a good source, or iodized salt is the next best option as Australians intake of iodine is generally low.

Susie Burrell

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