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“Hi Susie, what are you thoughts on detoxing? I have read a lot on 3 day detox, 5 & 10 day detoxing. Should we do detoxing to cleanse/flush our system, if so, how often and what are the benefits of doing them? Thanks, Catherine, VIC.” 

Hi Catherine
There is no scientific evidence to show that the body needs to be 'detoxed' - in fact, the liver and the kidneys do a very good job at detoxing our body every single day.
Commonly detox is used to describe extreme regimes in which a number of food groups are eliminated for periods of time, which in turn significantly reduces calorie intake and depleted our stores of glycogen in the muscles, which in turn results in a 1-3kg weight loss quickly.
Rather than following an overly restrictive 'detox' program, simply loading your diet up with fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, nuts, seeds and wholegrains for 3-5 days, minus the coffee, alcohol and processed foods is all you need to do to get the benefits of a 'detox' without resorting to extreme regimes which may be damaging to your metabolic rate long term.

Susie Burrell

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