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"Hi and welcome Susie! I have been trying to lose 4kgs for a while now but just cannot seem to shift it. Your advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!" Anitha - via Facebook


Hi Anitha,

You're right! It is always the last couple of kg that takes the longest to lose.

There are a few reasons for this:

  • Your body may have 'got used' to the calories you have been feeding it

  • Your body may have 'got used' to the exercise program you have been following

  • You may be fighting genetics or hormones which are keeping your weight steady

The first thing to do is check your calories - if you are consuming <1200 calories, you may need 100 or 200 more a day, or if you are consuming >1500 you may need 100-200 less. Next change your exercise - increase the intensity, change the number of sessions or the type of exercise you are doing - change is everything when it comes to metabolism. Usually altering calories and/or exercise is the key to moving from a weight loss plateau.


Susie Burrell

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