Top Tips For A Successful Detox


New Year, a new start in regards to your health and fitness regime. While there is no scientific evidence to show that the body needs to “detox” it is a popular option for many, particularly at the beginning of a new year. What a detox does do, is offer an opportunity to refocus and establish some clear diet and fat loss goals, empower you to concentrate on making healthy choices daily and if done correctly can see a couple of kilograms fall off, which can be motivation in itself to maintain your new lifestyle program. Studies have shown that weight loss programs are more likely to be maintained if results are seen during the initial phase of the program, as people tend to be able to maintain motivation levels for longer if they feel as if their new plan is working.

The good news is that you do not need to fork out hundreds of dollars buying pills and potion to detox effectively, An effective detox can just as easily involve cutting out the processed foods and stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol from your diet for a few days or week long period to feel refreshed, reenergized and lighter as your body rids itself of excessive fluid it tends to accumulate when too much salt and fatty food is eaten on a daily basis. 

To start your detox, stock up on plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and then base your main meals around fruit salad, salads and plain vegetables. Add some lean protein in the form of yogurt, grilled fish or chicken or beans to your lunch and dinner and drink plenty of water or herbal tea. Ditch the biscuits and processed bars for snacks, instead choosing fresh fruit or a handful of nuts and seeds. If you like, wholegrain breads, oats and brown rice could also be included as sources of high nutritional quality carbohydrates. 

Another option some people like to take at the beginning of a detox is to substitute their evening meal for a plain vegetable soup. Not only is a plain vegetable soup packed full of key vitamins and minerals, the high level of potassium that is found in many vegetables helps to clear the body of salt, which is what tends to make us feel or weigh in lighter at the end of the detox period. 

Top Tips for a successful detox

  1. Commit to a detox for a period of 3-5 days.
  2. Eliminate all caffeine from tea, coffee and cola drinks as well as alcohol.
  3. Eliminate all processed biscuits, bars, cakes, muffins, cereals and snack food.
  4. Eat at least 3 cups of vegetables or salad and 2 pieces of fruit each day.
  5. Snack on fresh fruit, nuts or a protein bar.
  6. Stick to lean proteins such as chicken breast and vegetables/salad for main meals.
  7. Include ½ - 1 cup of wholegrain carbohydrates such as oats, beans, chick peas and sweet potato as desired.
  8. Expect to feel tired and headachy for the first couple of days before feeling revitalized by Day 3.
  9. Aim to drink 2-3 litres of water each day. More than this is not necessarily better.
  10. Do not over-train during your detox – a 30 -60 minute walk each day is more than adequate when you are not eating many calories.

Sample detox plan

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Class of tomato juice + large bowl of fruit salad
Glass of tomato juice + 20g natural yoghurt + fresh berries and a sprinkle of walnuts
Glass of tomato juice + 1/3 cup oats or muesli + 1 cup of low fat milk
Glass of tomato juice + 1/3 cup oats or muesli + 1 cup of low fat milk
Glass of tomato juice + 1/3 cup oats or muesli + 1 cup of low fat milk
Mid morning
Piece of fruit
Piece of fruit
Piece of fruit
Piece of fruit
Piece of fruit
Mixed salad + large tin of salmon + olive oil dressing
Mixed salad + 100g grilled chicken breast with olive oil dressing
1/2 cup brown rice + small tin of tuna + sweet chilli sauce
Mixed salad + large tin of salmon + olive oil dressing + 1 slice grain bread
Turkey and avocado wrap
Mid Afternoon
Handful of almonds + 1 piece of fresh fruit
Handful of almonds + 1 piece of fresh fruit
2 corn thins + 2 teaspoons of no added sugar peanut butter
30g mixed nuts + 1 piece of fruit
2 corn thins + 2 teaspoons of no added sugar peanut butter
Vegetable soup + 100g tuna steak + steamed vegetables
100g Atlantic salmon + steamed Asian Greens
100g grilled fish or chicken breast + mixed vegetables
Prawn and vegetable stir fry with 1/2 cup brown rice
Grilled Mediterranean vegetables with 10g lean lamb or chicken breast. 



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