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Why dogs?

For those of us who have pets, we care for them greatly. This was confirmed in our recent survey of HIF members. We also like to believe that our pets care for us in return. Not only did our members tell us that they believed this is the case, there is also global research[1] that suggests that they really do. Our new campaign looks at things from that angle – dogs caring about the health of their humans.

Why rescue dogs?

We thought this was a fantastic opportunity to show the value of adopting a pet from a rescue shelter. You'll see through our upcoming series of ads that rescue dogs are smart, cute, loving, and entertaining – not to mention being great actors! So when you're looking for a new furry member of the family in the future, "rescue" is always a great breed to consider.

Pet Survey Results How do our members feel about their pets?

70% of HIF members currently have a pet
77% own a dog
38% own a cat
Consider their pet to be an important family member
said that owning a pet makes them fell happier
feel physically healthier as a result of owning a pet
[1] research sources include:
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