Awright guv! I’m Alfie and I live with my ma n’ pa in Perth. As long-standing Brand Ambassadog for HIF, I liked making their last ad in 2013 and I was chuffed to be invited back for this one too, especially as I’ve got a speaking role this time!

I’m the only non-rescue dog to be used in this campaign, but HIF thought I could teach the other fur-kids a thing or two about how to act. Turns out though, they’re just as talented as me! It’s been great to get to know Toby & Butch, these geezers may’ve had a hard start to life but they’re just like the rest of us really - and they care so much for their humans!

So if you want to chat to HIF about your own human’s health needs, get the ol’dog and bone and give them a call.

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