My name is Banjo and my life started when my mum was dumped pregnant with me at the doors of the RSPCA in Perth. Guess I was one of the lucky ones really compared to other dogs at the home who had a tough previous life.

I was told my mum was a Staffy x Rottweiler but many people were baffled by this revelation as I don’t look like either of these dogs; so my new mum and dad had me DNA tested and I’m pleased to say I’m a liquorice allsorts - part Labrador, Retriever, Basset Hound, Corgi and Miniature Bull Terrier (God only knows how the Miniature Bull Terrier got in there as I’m 28kg and very tall, long and athletic!). Lucky me! I love nothing more than to be active and stimulated.

I fancy myself to be a bit of trickster as well, especially if it looks like I’ll get a treat! I love walking and running but fetching the ball especially gets me excited. That’s my favourite past time but I also love jumping through the water like Bambi at the beach. Oh and food! Now we’re talking! I’ll eat anything from cucumber, carrots to capsicum but my all-time favourite is my weekly icecream treat at Nonna and Nonno’s place.

I’m so lucky to have the life I live, especially with my best mate living around the corner. His name is Dylan but I call him Dyl and we did the HIF commercial together. He’s about year and half older than me and he’s taught me some tricks like drinking out of the water fountain and how to sit and wait at the road. Sometimes he has to pull me in line and show me who is top dog but it’s hard when you’re faster than him! I also have a habit of eating his food when I come to visit but he is a grazer and I don't mess around, I hoover it up in one hit (I'm known as 'Snacks McGee', he he).

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