Hi, I’m Dylan, also fondly called Dyl Dyl and Dylan the Villian, because I'm so good!

My family adopted me in 2012 from the Dogs’ Refuge Home when I was only ten weeks old. My mum had been badly beaten and dumped in the bush, before having a litter of eight puppies. Thankfully some kind person scooped us all up and took us to the Shenton Park refuge.

I was then super lucky to be adopted by my fur-ever family and their grand old dog Phoenix; she taught me all my good manners and how to cross the road safely (always sit at the kerb and wait for the 'ok'). I love going for walks and playing in the park as often as possible. In fact, I'll just get my ball and let's go right now! Sometimes I go bike riding with my human mum, it helps keep her fit and healthy.

I also love playing chasey and catch with my 3 year old human sister, we adore each other and I give her a big kiss every morning when she wakes up. Everyone in the neighbourhood knows me, we live on a corner block and I can watch the world go by when I’m not out and about.

I told my friends about this ad and they can't wait to see it; I had the best day in front of the camera and I got to play with my friend Banjo for the whole day too!

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